Sample Psychology Paper on Violence


The occurrence of violence with teenagers as the victims or perpetrators causes different long-term effects and changes to adolescents within the society. The criminal justice system handles such instances of violence by offering a wide scope of penalties and imprisonment terms, which depend on several aspects (Sadeghi, Farajzadegan, Kelishadi, & Heidari, 2014). For instance, they consider the age of the victims, criminal records of the perpetrator, and the magnitude of the caused harm. The occurrence of violence in the society has resulted in most adolescents forming or joining criminal gangs. In the contemporary times, adolescents of diverse socio-economic and cultural settings have increasingly joined gangs where they engage in illicit and criminal behaviors. In this regard, adolescents who have a feeling of being victims of violence at home and vulnerable to mistreatment and aggression from their peers might be compelled to join gangs in search of protection and camaraderie. Moreover, upon joining such gangs, the adolescents become entangled in drug use.

The long-term changes and impacts of the adolescents affected by cases of violence in terms of statutory rape of a minor, mistreatment, or abuse entail sentiments of being stigmatized, resentment, shame, dishonor, culpability, and sexual dysfunction. Changes in adolescents because of such things as maltreatment and kidnapping encompass fear of strangers and other family members apart from parents. All cases of violence involving adolescents have numerous similar long-term effects on the affected teenagers (Sadeghi et al., 2014). These include psychological impairment, drug abuse, poor self-worth, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and in worst cases suicide. Therefore, it is vital for the schools, parents, and other stakeholders to collaborate in the prevention and elimination of instances of violence in an effort of thwarting the negative changes they bring about in adolescents.



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