Sample Public Relations Essays on Effective Public Relations

The election of Trump came as a bombshell for men. Many had initially ignored considered it impossible. For top companies, however, it is not the election that scared them; rather it is Trump’s habitual release of statements that could be destructive to companies without considering the consequences. The impact cannot be better stated than as depicted by Schonbrun (n.p) about the case of Boeing. In light of such cases, it is evident that effective Public Relations will be even more important during the Trump administration.

Experts emphasized that it is against the interest of any company to go against the sitting administration. However, it is a certainty that when spins as those that Trump has been know to jibe at companies are made, a response, in the form of PR is necessary, whether formal or informal. It is indeed true that a statement made, remains true to those that receive the statement unless alternative facts are availed. Such is the case with Trump’s spins. They have in each instance had immediate effects. The effects have only been negated through remedying actions taken by the companies.

Further, effective PR is important in putting to light company actions in such a manner that the targeted audience is well equipped with facts to make own judgment when such spins are made. When people are well-informed, they are unlikely to consume information that is untrue or lack a factual basis.  Effective public relations are therefore important from two perspectives; a remedial action in response to spins made by Trump and as a protective action, in equipping people with facts to make their judgment in case such a spin is ever made.


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