Sample Public Relations Essays on Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction

Question 1

The policy of “harm reduction” refers to the measures put in place by governments or non-governmental institutions to minimize negative social, legal, and health effects resulting from drug use (Harm Reduction International, 2019). These policies cover both illicit and licit drug consumption.

One of the major critics of harm reduction policies is the Drug-Free America Foundation, which argues that minimizing the risk of drug use should not be acceptable, as it indicates that the specific drug’s use is acceptable, thus leading to an increase in its consumption. Additionally, critics state that drugs cannot be inherently safe to use as they contain ingredients that affect the normal functioning of the human body. The harm reduction policies also undermine the campaigns by advocates of a “drug-free world” from meeting their goal, which is to limit the demand and supply of drugs.

Question 2

Sweden, Portugal, and the Netherlands have a “zero-tolerance” approach to drugs (Roden, 2018). Sweden has one of the lowest cannabis consumption rates in the world. In the Netherlands, drug use is officially illegal. However, in the recent past, there has been a tolerance for the recreational use of drugs. On the other hand, in Portugal, the use or possession of any drug without authorization is an offense punishable by imprisonment. However, the mode of punishment has changed in the recent past to punishment for possession of specified amounts of drugs. Compared to these nations, the U.S. policy on drug use is not as stringent as that of Sweden. It is similar to the drug policies of Portugal and Netherlands in practice.



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You’ve only stated the drug use policy in the US. The question is, “How does drug use and drug use policy in these countries compare to the United States?”