Sample Public Relations Paper on Fiorucci Brand

Fiorucci Brand

Internal Analysis

Brand History

Fiorucci is an Italian fashion company that was founded in 1967 by Elio Fiorucci and concentrated in American classic cloths such as jeans and t-shirts. With the desire to meet its internationalisation strategy, the firm expanded its operations to other areas including Millan, New York and Manhattan. Its founder, Elio emphasised on creativity that was the primary objective of the institution. Notably, he was determined to bring new fashion to Milan by adopting the London codes of presentation. He sold cloths from designers such as Zandra Rhodes and Ossie Clark

Elio Fiorucci started retailing at 14 years and later ventured into fashion brand in the 60s. He created his first design in 1962 and featured in Italy’s magazine amica that gave him enough capital to travel and identify more opportunities. (Fiorucci US, 2018) Until his death Eloi Fiorucci acted as the creative director of his company and the chief designer that helped in introducing new brands and helped the business to be more competitive in the industry

Brand Mission

 Upon establishment, Fiorucci concentrated on creating creative designs that not only promotes culture but also promotes its mission of being unique in the market. The company brought Britain’s youth culture to Italy to enhance cultural diversity in the country. With this strategy, it enhanced its globalisation strategy and opened other store in New York USA in 1976 (Bagley, 2018). The company’s past adverts concentrated on women clothing including bikini, stockings and other fashionable wears. Moreover, they utilised primary colours, disco scene and loud advertising. Most of these commercials were graphic and portrayed themes of romance, dance, swim story and pin-up.

The present adverts of the company are however slightly different from those of 60s and 70s. With the changing trend in fashion, the firm has maintained its pop culture outlook commercials. Moreover, it has diversified its portfolio to include official cloths (Fiorucci. 2018). The technique has helped the institution to maintain its level of competitiveness in the market and to learn market trends that could be important in maintaining their sustainability in the market.

Products and Brands

To enhance their growth strategies, Fiorucci has over the years opened several stores across the globe including in major towns such as Milan, New York and London. All these shops are stocked with variety of the company’s products that enable their customers to shop effectively. However, the company has been experiencing increased competition from both domestic and international companies including Armini, Luxottica, Gucci, Nike and adidas that are producing more competitive products (Anderson, 2017).

Fiorucci website is also well designed to enable easy navigation by its customers. It has sections of men and women wears and also has pectorals of the latest commodities in their stores. It also enables clients to choose the best methods of delivering their purchases and how to return them in case of any complication. When searched over the internet, it is easy to get the company’s website as its listed first among the alternatives


The growth of the company has drastically improved its net worth over the years and is listed among the most prominent fashion companies around the globe. The 2017, the financial evaluation revealed that the company was valued at $ 8867725.05 that enables it to develop other expansion plans due to enough capital. Fiorucci has also over the years acquired different levels off financing from companies such as Edwin and Schaffer’s and developed partnerships with other institutions such as the Webster’s and barneys New York (People of Print, 2018). Most of these firms are fashion based and have different percentage of shares. The headquarters of Fiorucci is located in London and has more than 200 employee. In total the company has about 1167 staffs spread across its different stores.

Social Media Analysis

The company has adopted the use of different social media platforms including Facebook and tweeter in interacting with its clients. Through these media it advertises some of its new products and responds to customers’ queries. It is also easy to interact with their customer service personnel as it takes less than one hour for them to respond to any requests made by clients.

Target Consumer

The company targets different levels of customers including men, women and the youth with various products developed to meet their changing tastes and preferences.


The company has over the past organised different events including Fiorucci’s haunted Halloween shopping party in London, the return of Fiorucci in Milan, Fiorucci x sofar sounds and Etta bond live performance and drinks. All these events are exclusively sponsored by the Fiorucci.

SWOT Analysis

Strength. Fiorucci has enough capital that can promote its expansion strategies. It also enhances creativity that has enabled it to develop quality brands.

Weakness. The company lacks enough designers to promote its vision of being market leader

Opportunities. The increase in population in both developed and developing countries may provide a growing demand for its products.

Threats. The increase in the number of new entrants in the market reduces the market control of the institution

External Analysis

Over the last two decades, the level of competition in the fashion industry has increased drastically. Although Fiorucci is still the market leader in many European countries, it faces increased competition from companies like Nike, Gucci and adidas (Anderson, 2017).

Sector analysis. The fashion industry is dynamic as it covers various areas. With the growing population in most states, the industry expects increased demands and varying designs especially from the youth.

Trend analysis. The fashion industry has experienced different trends over the last years including introduction of engagement retails, exhibition and social shopping.

PESTEL Analysis

Political. The company’s expansion is affected by the political trends including brexit that limit s their operative abilities in the region.

Economical. The changing state of global economy and increased level of competition in the fashion industry limit the company’s ability to operate effectively.

Social. Fashion industry including Fiorucci face increasing change in the taste and preferences of customers. Each class of clients therefore needs extensive evaluation before designing any product.

Technology. Fiorucci has adopted the use of new technology including the social media in advertising its products, making payment and delivering products to its customers. Moreover, they apply such methods in the designing of new fashion that may fetch higher market price (The Business of Fashion, 2017).

Ecological. Fiorucci is keep on promoting healthy living and protecting the environment through producing quality products that are fit for human usage.

Legal. The firm has to comply with the laws and policies developed by the governments of the different countries they operate. For instance, brexit has prompted most European companies to limit the activities of Britain based companies in their boundaries (Anderson, 2017).

Media Coverage. The company uses both the internet and mass media like television in advertising. These platform reach wider audience than personal selling initiatives. This has enabled the firm to get positive reviews.

Product coverage. Fiorucci products cover different genders and classes of people including teenagers, youths and the elderly. They are also available in different stores in Europe and the United States thus providing easy access to clients.

International Coverage. The company has numerous stores across United States and Europe that stock variety of products thus providing clients easy access to their needs.

Analysis of which celebrities. Fiorucci used celebrities like Madonna to promote their products due to their wide influence on the public.



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