Sample Public Relations Paper on Non-profit PR

Non-profit PR

Advantages of working in non-profit career area

Working in the non-profit sectoris highly rewarding because it presents a number of exciting great opportunities to every person. Perhaps the best advantage of developing a career in non-profit sector is the opportunity to work with kind coworkersand undertake fulfilling work. First, non-profit sector presents bountiful and unparalleled growth opportunities suitable for every person who want to take exciting career challenge. In this sector, an employee can be assigned to more than three projects thus exposing him/her to diverse career challenges, which is essential in developing his/her professional skills and work-based experiences. This approach is advantageous because it leads to faster career development and growth as the employee is tasked with varied challenging professional responsibilities.

Another great advantage of working in non-profit sectors is the opportunity to shift skill setsquickly. Because non-profit sector love generalists, they employ workers who can multitask big time; employees are encouraged to shift skill sets quickly thus allowing rapid career development. Employees get abundant opportunities to learn new skills as well as gain essential professional experience in areas outside their qualifications. Furthermore, employees get abundant opportunities to interact with and learn from top brass from different industries. Work structure in nonprofit sector is not hierarchical as compared to private corporations and government agencies thus allowing employees to take self-initiatives as well as develop a sense of responsibility.

Unlike private corporations, non-profit organizationsemploy few workers; this is advantageous because it allows employees to take advantage of the small internal community to develop their professional and interpersonal skills while learning to handle varied responsibilities. Another advantage of working in nonprofit sectors is that employees get abundant opportunities to change the world around them. This is because nonprofit organizations specialize majorly in solving issues affecting the world. Lastly, nonprofit organizations value professional skills. For the highly skilled professional, nonprofit sector is the best place to work where you can become more agile, adept, and entrepreneurial.

Disadvantages of working in non-profit career area

Just like private corporations and governmentagencies, working in nonprofit sector can be maddening anddisadvantageous. The most important thing for an employee is to learn how to navigate these challenges and disadvantages.First, while working in nonprofits sector, it is very difficult to spot clear benchmark and concrete results for success. The structure of the organizations does not put clear benchmarks for determining success. As a result, employees cannot determine their growth plan as well as how to contribute to the overall goal of the organization.

Secondly, there is high level of burnout due to high amount of work volume and few employees. Most organizations in this sector employ few workers who are required to handle multiple projects some of which are outside the scope of their professional qualifications and skill sets. As a result, employees in nonprofit sector work extra hours as compared to private corporations and government agencies.

Another advantage of nonprofit sector is that work environment keeps on changing which in most cases get frustrating to employees. The pace of change in nonprofit organizations is high as compared to private corporations and government agencies because of unclear bottom linesand the influence of many opinions. There is high levelof employee frustrations because they are required to use few resources to do a lot of work within a very short time. In nonprofit sector, stakes are very high because organizations are dealing with issues that are close to people’s heart such as drug, alcoholism, diseases among others.