Sample Purpose Statement on Cizik School of Nursing

Growing up, I looked up to my father, a pharmacy technician, as a mentor. Therefore, I developed the desire to become a professional nurse. In 2018, through hard work and massive sacrifice, I achieved not only my dream of being a registered nurse but also became the first in my family to receive a degree upon graduating with honors in Nursing at Lamar University.  My undergraduate studies coupled with years of practice as a registered nurse have re-ignited my ambitions of expanding my nursing knowledge to offer quality nursing care. Consequently, I am seeking admission into the Master of Science in Nursing Family Nursing Practitioner (MSN-FNP) program at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Cizik School of Nursing to actualize my dream of expanding my nursing knowledge.

My desire to study for a Master’s in nursing is informed by my professional goals. In the course of my practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner, I learned and was inspired by the essential role nurses play in advocating for change in the healthcare sector, local communities, and workplaces. Therefore, my ambition of studying for a Master’s in nursing is driven by my professional goal of advocating for healthcare reforms not only in my community but also nationally. At this point in my professional career, I dream of expanding my nursing qualifications and making a name for myself as a leading nursing expert in the domains of family nursing and psychiatric and mental health. Therefore, my dream of studying for a Master’s in nursing is perfectly in line with my professional goal of achieving a Ph. D. in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP).

My undergraduate studies and qualifications coupled with my experience as a registered nurse in America have played a key role in informing my dream of studying for a Master’s degree in nursing. My interest in family nursing and psychiatric and mental health was shaped during my four-year stint at the Lamar University, Joanne Gray Dishman School of Nursing. After graduating in December 2018, I was posted at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital’s emergency room psychiatrist nurse (Psych ER). In July 2019, in recognition of the quality nursing care I dispensed to my patients and dedication to my work, I was nominated for the DAISY award. In February 2020 I was posted at the ALTUS Lumberton Hospital, a newly established facility in Hardin County, Texas, as a registered nurse in the Emergency Department. My practice at ALTUS has been an eye-opener and exposed me to several facets of nursing and the role nurses play in societal development. The hallmark of my nascent nursing career has been my firsthand experience in the growth and development of ALTUS into a respectable community hospital in Harding, Texas. Studying for a Master’s in nursing will empower me to improve the dispensation of quality healthcare at ALTUS and the general Harding community.

Acceptance and admission into your MSN-FNP program will be a big step forward in the achievement of my professional goals. Moreover, my admission into the MSN-FNP is a blessing to all Americans as my professional goals are aimed at improving the dispensation of quality healthcare in the nation. Apart from the information, I have provided in this essay, my resume that documents in detail my attributes, educational qualifications, and work experience, is attached. I am also open to any discussion concerning my application since I am very interested in studying at Cizik School of Nursing. Thank you for your consideration.