Sample Reflection Essay on a very personal experience

Reflection is an essential activity in which individuals evaluate their learning experience,
think about it and explore it in a conscious manner in order to lead to new
understanding and perhaps new behaviour.
In order to encourage students to make wider connections between what was
experienced in clinical as an emerging nursing graduate, please answer the below
questions to help guide your reflection. Refer to Rubric in course shell.
According to the CNO (2022) “reflection is an intentional and continuous process of
critically thinking about your practice. Reflecting on your practice daily will help you
identify the strengths in your practice and any learning needs.”
This evaluation will provide the student with the opportunity to:
• To complete a Guided Reflection prior to initiating a Learning Plan to assist with
identification of Learning Priorities and meeting the course outcomes. A grade of
a Pass or Fail will be evaluated.
The assignment should be 1-2 pages in length (not including a cover page and
reference page). Maximum length = 2 pages.
This assignment is to be a scholarly guided reflection written in a paragraph format
submitted following guidelines from: APA @ Conestoga.
The reflection must be submitted through Turnitin (eConestoga dropbox is formatted
with Turnitin) by the due date. If your originality score is >20%, it is your responsibility to
lower your score. The paper will not be graded until the score is <20% and/or the
teacher is notified with explanation of the issue.
Refer to the Academic Integrity policies outlined in the “School of Health and Life
Sciences Practical Nursing Program Standards and Procedures Handbook”.
Ethical guidelines must be adhered to. Plagiarism is considered unethical behaviour and
will be handled following the guidelines in the “Conestoga College Student Procedures
Guide and the School of Health Sciences Student Handbook”. Submitting a portion or
all of another student’s work will result in a Failure grade and an academic
An extension must be granted in advance of the due date to avoid a failure mark as per
the Practical Nursing Handbook.