Sample Reflection Essays on Digital Tools

I understand that the use of digital tools increases efficiency and productivity for organizational success. The course has been instrumental in shaping my thinking towards the use of digital tools. I understand that digital confidence is crucial for driving digital success. Digital proficiency enables me to engage with emerging technology, mobile applications, software, and other tools. I understand that technology is integrated into nearly all facets of personal and professional life. I use my digital proficiency to solve problems, communicate effectively, and be innovative and productive in ways I could not have imagined. For instance, I can navigate the operating system of my PC, use mobile devices, understand the intricacies of social media, and select the most effective software apps for my tasks.

Productivity entails using digital devices to increase value to a process or product. Research shows organizations and individuals are increasingly using digital devices to increase productivity through collaboration, saving time, planning, and customer service (Antipova and Rocha 198). I use digital devices to increase productivity by organizing my work, prioritizing, and working with teams. In the modern business world, organizations use digital devices to create strategic plans, implement strategies, and outwit the competition (Greenway 112). Time management is a crucial success factor; an organized individual uses time prudently by prioritizing and avoiding procrastination.

I understand I will have to keep abreast of the technological changes if I am to remain relevant. Organizations and individuals that fail to embrace the digital transformation risk becoming redundant. There is a need for an individual to be digitally confident, proficient, and productive. The course has enabled me to understand the essence of using digital devices and empowered me to use them effectively in my personal and professional life.


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