Sample Reflection Paper on Mosques, Architecture, and Islamic Decorations

I have learnt from reading the text that mosques are so central in the life of Muslims such that in most Muslim-dominated cities they are built at the center of the city. I outline herein three things that caught my attention in the passage namely the significance of prayer in Muslim lives, unique incorporation of art in building of mosques, and the varied Islamic decorations that exist.

According to Saeed (91), prayer is an important element in the life of every Muslim. As a result, mosques are built in such a way that they are accessible to everyone. Besides, there also small places of prayer known as musallas that are built for the Muslims within their areas of residences Secondly, the building of mosques is a sacred event in the Muslim communities as it indicates honor to the prophets Abraham and Ishmael (Saeed 90). Artisticaly, the architectures of mosques incorporate art in every room and building for decorative purposes and also as a way of improving the houses of worship.

Thirdly, the Islamic decorations that exist include calligraphy, geometric patterns, floral patterns, light, and water. Calligraphy is the most important art in the Muslim world (Saeed 92). It involves the  quoting of Quran verses, poetry, and dates on mosque walls for reference purposes. Floral patterns are used by artists to decorate the Mosques and to paint nature, such as flowers and trees, on the walls. Light in Art is a symbol of unity for all Muslims. In addition, water pools and fountains built in Mosques are both decorative and important for refreshment of the people who get thirsty during worship.


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