Sample Reflection Paper on Personal Application Paper

My first interaction with the intricacies of managing a business came while I was working at a fast foods restaurant in my neighborhood. I worked there dedicatedly for two years, initially as cashier then slowly the manager began relinquishing some of his duties to me because Alzheimer’s had the better of him. While at work I would observe Mr. Paco make key business decisions including what to buy, which quantity, when to buy, and who to buy from. As manager I oversaw daily operations at work, record maintenance and staff management.  During the last quartile of the first year I also handled business permit and licensing paper work. Equipped with this basic knowledge but without the theoretical framework I was, in part, ready to face the corporate fraternity. I am motivated by the urge to venture new grounds, meet challenges that would help me grow mentally, psychologically and career wise.

Career Goal

My interest in Business and commerce is deeply entrenched my ambition to start my own business venture. My two years of service at Mr. Paco’s fast food restaurant coupled with my honors from the university will guarantee my venture of the technical superiority from my previous jobs and better and dynamic decision making processes inherent of a scholar. I purpose to integrate problem solving skills, excellent social and analytical skills in identifying and utilizing market niches.

Self-assessment results.                                                    

I am able to work alone, without any form of supervision and work together with a team. I love working in a team because it motivates those who are at a lower level of productivity to up their game. I have supervised a small team of about eight employees before so managing a business will not come as a shocker to me.

My productivity rate is highest when under pressure. I find ways of harnessing the energy associated with high intensity moments and rechanneling it into production hence better results.  I have excellent problem solving and conflict resolution skills. As a novice manager, I had to settle disputes among clients and at times between clients and members of staff. My confidence and ability to communicate effectively separates me from the rest of the pack. I embellish patience, good listening skills and the notion that, “the client is always right.” This way I have learnt how to put others’ needs before mine.

Insights in to profession or industry. Firstly a career in Business would be a culmination of all my dreams materializing. Business and commerce are at the very core of development of any country. Economic prosperity among a people dictates very wide and wild returns among these people. Through my leadership, most of which is borrowed from Mr. Paco, I purpose to steer commerce to the next level through innovation but mainly through customer loyalty through communication etc. My intention was to work at a business consortium to gain the necessary corporate experience then work towards achieving autonomy and probably begin my own enterprise. This I believe is achievable.

While working at Mr. Pacos restaurant, an English gentleman had a coffee then he began small conversation. As the conversation picked momentum he intimated that business goes beyond the daily dime pocketed, it goes way beyond clients attracted each day. He proposed that a business is affected by environments; political, social, financial environments. Additionally he proposed that, effective management knows how to manipulate these environments to suit his play. These tenets I believe would help me motivate colleagues at work into surmounting the highest of milestones.

Conclusion. My early introduction into the world of commerce, my interactions and my experience in the industry in my late teenage conferred me with the innate mindset of a businessperson. I tend to agree with the Behavioral theory of leadership because a culmination of factors secondary to me placed me at the helm of Mr. Pacos enterprise where I excelled and made him profits and won customer loyalty. Leadership, I am inclined to believe is resultant of the quantities of responsibility one is given, even at that young age, the decisions one undertakes and the general perception one has of the environment in which they work.