Sample Reflective Journal on Pregnancy, Birth, Newborn and Infancy

Reflective journal

Human behavior is always different depending on an individual’s social environment. For instance, the behavior of expectant parents is influenced by the situation that they are currently experiencing. Pregnancy is a long and arduous process for parents to go through. Expectant parents have to wait for an extended period to deliver a baby. The social environment of these parents changes as they have to adapt to the new nature of concerns during the childbearing time. The social changes will affect how the parents will handle their relationship. The difference in behavior is a result of shifting from the environment they were in before pregnancy. I view the period of pregnancy as the most trying moment for parents in as much as relationships are concerned.

As the pregnancy period continues, the biophysical development will change the behavior of the mother. The physical changes in the body of the mother cause her to change socially which I observe is a big influence her behavior. The parents will now be in a very different environment compared to the early periods of pregnancy. The social changes are familiar to all pregnant parents, and this leads them to adapt to the changes while they are expecting the child. During labor, the pain that the mother experiences changes her behavior.

Many atime, I see parents going through numerous changes especially in raising the baby. The change will have an impact on the behavior of the parents. According to Ashford et al (2013), the human behavior of individuals is accompanied by the changes they are experiencing. The newborn baby has to adapt to the new physical changes through the help of the parents. For the parents to help the newborn baby, I believe, they have to go through all those social changes in their new parental environment and responsibilities. As a soldier I believe tht adapting to these social changes will have a massive impact on the environment surrounding the parents. Personally, as a soldier, the transitional period and adaptation will have far reaching psychological effects on me especially on socio-human realtions.

The social situation and the environment in which a person always at have an enormous impact on the attitude and behavior that person will portray. Subsequently, people adapt differently according to different social situations. In this case, the geographical location of an individual can have a massive impact on the behavior that a person is going to demonstrate. The social change is attributed to the fact that people will always share a different background which is the drive to the behavior they portray. The human behavior is determined by the social condition of an individual which shapes the nature of a person. As a soldier, the social conditions will have far reaching effects on my duties and responsibilities not only at my place of work but also my relationswith others.

For instance, at my place of work people will respond with different behavioral practices which are attributed to the social background. The way in which people interact shows that these individuals are from a different environment. The attributes help to shape the real character of an individual and this will, in turn, impact their behavior as a whole. These factors have proven to be the natural defining characteristics of different people. Thus, by understanding that the human behavior is attributed to their social environment helps people to relate and interact with one another. As a soldier, I will hve to go through enomourse psychological changes to come to terms with the new changes and environments

Also, the experience that people have gone through will influence the behavior that they will portray. These experiences enable individuals to develop different behavior that shapes their social life. People from diverse cultural background have comparisons that are closely related to their environment. Cultural variation is a significant factor that shapes the human behavior an individual is going to portray to their peers, friends, and employees. Therefore, the cultural practices of a person are going to have a considerable impact on the environment they will be situated.

Also, the human behavior is influenced by their attitude they portray when they are faced with the various situation. The attitude of a person is significantly affected by their human behavior. Different people portray a right attitude that is compatible with the environment they are situated while other can have a different one. The difference in attitude affects the social context of an individual since it assists the individuals on how to relate to each other. The personal beliefs of a person have a significant impact on their human behavior. People have varying belief practices and this shapes the character they will portray. The belief of an individual will influence how the person relates to other people at work or school.

The human behavior is a broad context that is shaped by varying attributes. These attributes are essential in developing their behavior at different social setting (Ashford et al, 2013). For instance, the feelings of an individual have a considerable impact on their behavior. People who have always experienced a sense of despair for more extended periods can develop human behavior that is out of context to what is perceived to be normal. The knowledge of an individual on various matters will also impact the human behavior. Individuals who portray a wide range of knowledge will probably develop a reliable behavior that is acceptable to most people. Thus, it is essential to comprehend that the human behavior is a significant aspect that is influenced by different factors in the life of an individual.





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