Sample Religious Studies Essay on Christianity


Christianity is a phrase that exhibits a specific structure of a denomination.  It incorporates practices and beliefs that are reflected on the basis of Jesus Christ’s teachings.  Furthermore, the religion of Christianity was in existence since the rule of Emperor Tiberius Roman. The spread of this denomination was evident after Jesus Christ died for the entire world to accept Christianity.

Reports indicate that huge populations in United States are followers of Christianity. In the past 2000 years, Christ became born in Israel. God sent Jesus to enhance peace with His people on earth. At the age of thirty, Christ began to preach and teach individuals concerning God’s words. As a result, he started Christianity that is still practiced around the world to date. In His teachings, Christ visited various sections of the world. He also performed miracles that were beyond explanation.

In this regard, he taught about moral values that were inclusive of love which attracted a huge number of followers. However, not all individuals received Him well and appreciated His spiritual nourishment. A section of the population developed hatred towards Him and ended up accusing Jesus for blasphemy. The corrupt officials alleged that Jesus claimed He was God’s son and later crucified Him. Surprisingly, Christ put all of them to shame when He resurrected on the third day.

Analyzing Christianity, it is clear that the religion began on the Pentecostal day. This happened after Jesus left the Holy Spirit to assist disciples in spreading the Gospel. Christians put their trust in one God who made the earth. This explains why they belief in the Holy Trinity that is God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christians embrace practices that include baptism that transforms a person from an old to a new life in Christ. A Christian is an individual who leaves his past and choose to follow Christ and His teachings.



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