Sample Religious Studies Paper on Committing to the Lord

Commitment to God is the quest of following God’s will. Generally, our expectation is God to bless our work. Commitment to God is through operating according to the Lord’s ways and depending on Him. Romans 8:28 affirms that in all things God works for those that love Him and are called according to his purpose. The alignment of work according to God’s will comes with success. A commitment of our ways to the Lord is through prayer, daily vocation and working according to the ways of the Lord.

Core values inform and shape our attitudes and actions while seeking to fulfill the purpose of the church. The desire to keep our families, relationships, and ministries to be in the reflection of the Lord requires values and attitudes that will help us keep God’s providence at all times. The values and attitudes include truth, love, humility, and the centrality of Christ and the Gospel.

Truth corresponds to a reality that affirms that other things are false. All the propositions asserted in God’s word are true. The Word of God is inerrant and inspired providing all we need for eternity and godly living. The Bible is transcendent truth applying to all people at all places. Therefore, God’s truth helps in having an understanding of the church, our lives, and families. From such, we can keep God’s providence at all times.

Christian love is a principle implanted in us by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is sufficient for the provision of the right attitude towards the Lord. Without love, the pursuit of truth and communal life becomes, unlike Christ. Paul affirms in Corinthians 13:1-2 that love is the place of starting measuring genuine Christianity. On the other hand, humility just like love is a spiritual Grace. Humility is the first attitude towards God gained through the arrival of the sense of one’s unworthiness. It is the recognition of our dependence upon the Lord. The centrality of Christ and the Gospel is another value. The Gospel is central to biblical truth and a revelation of the wisdom and love of God by providing salvation through Jesus through His suffering, death, and resurrection.