Sample Religious Studies Paper on Galatians 1:11

Note 1: Write a 2 pages exegetical journal on Galatians 1:11, 12 Note2:Please see the uploaded file for details/directions Note 3:Richard N. Longenecker, Galatians (Word Biblical Commentary 41; Dallas, TX, 1990). ISBN 0-8499-0240-1 is the primary Source cited please and the other 3 sources are to be from please

Please see Appendix 5 for a sample journal. The journal must have four sections: (1) personal reflection; (2) dialogue with Longenecker and commentaries; (3) revised reflection; and (4) application. WRITE NO MORE THAN 2 PAGES FOR THE JOURNAL. Please note that it should be single spaced.

In the “personal reflection” section, write down your personal observations and reflections about the text – what came to your mind as you read them. Compare at least five different versions of the English Bible (include KJV). Do not be afraid to make mistakes in this section of the journal. Simply write down your observations and thoughts as you would for the rough draft of a sermon or an article. DO NOT consult any commentaries for this section of the journal. You must do your own independent work, but it is acceptable to look up information in theological dictionaries and standard reference works on Greek grammar or NT backgrounds. As much as possible, try to center your discussion on particular words or phrases on which the translations differ. Keep this section as brief as possible. And do not try to polish the language, since much of what you write for this section may be either modified or deleted in the next two sections. The purpose of this first section of the journal is to get your thoughts going on the text.

In the ‘dialogue with Longenecker and Commentaries’ section, discuss Longenecker and four other commentaries on at least three points from your ‘personal reflection’ section. It is, however, possible, that the points you want to discuss are not found in Longenecker. In such a case, note this in your journal and find commentaries that do address your issues, and discuss those instead. You can find excellent older exegetical commentaries on You are basically looking for three things when read a commentary: (a) good supporting quotes to use in your journal; (b) arguments and evidence that prove your ideas and observations wrong; (c) important information and insights you may have overlooked. Please be sure to footnote every reference you use. Turabian 8th edition.