Sample Religious Studies Paper on Theology


Belief is a mental approval of a claim whereas doctrines a set of teachings or scriptures about a particular subject (Bevans, 2009). Religious groups, leaders, organizations and written texts are sources of doctrines; the Bible is also a source of doctrines. Belief arises when an individual chooses to accept or deny the set of principles based on the individual’s reasoning and faith. For example, the notion that human beings are created in the image of God is a doctrine. However, accepting the statement that God created humans in his likeness is a show of belief. This paper will discuss how I will pursue my vocation with the belief that all people are created in the image of God.

Vocational examples

I intend to pursue Forex Exchange and Stock Trading as my chosen vocation after graduation. Also, I would like to start a chain of restaurants to provide healthy delicacies at an affordable price. The real purpose of my profession is to have a substantial income to take care of my personal needs in addition to the needs of my family. However, as I pursue my vocation, I will always have in mind that we are created in the likeness of God. Jesus teaches humans that they should seek the kingdom of God and He will provide them with material possessions. Humankind should not seek worldly possessions without first seeking the kingdom of God. In Mathew Chapter 6:24-33, Jesus argues that humankind should not worry about earthly things, such as food, clothing, and shelter because the heavenly father already knows that humanity needs those basic needs. However, Jesus asserts that humankind should seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness. God will provide earthly things to humans after seeking his kingdom. I will not pursue worldly possessions without the counsel of the Living God because I understand that it is He who gives and who takes. I will seek divine intervention and ask God to bless the work of my hands. Furthermore, I understand that when my time on this planet is complete, I will leave the earthly possessions behind to be with God. Therefore, I will not give earthly possessions much preference, but rather I will give God all the glory for my success.

Secondly, I know that the Living father will bless my work, and wealth will follow. Amassing wealth will mean that I will meet other people with more earthly possessions. It is common for people to develop pride because of worldly possessions. Rich people disregard the affairs and needs of the poor people. Also, rich people condemn the poor because they do not want any associations with them. According to Bevans (2009), pride comes before a fall. In my vocation, I will always remember to give back to the poor because it is my sacred duty. Also, I will not follow the counsel of wealthy and greedy men because even Jesus states in Mathew 15:12-14 that God will uproot any plant that he did not plant. In addition, he says that wicked men who yield power are guides of the blind; it is impossible for a blind man to lead another blind man because they will all fall into a pit. As I pursue my vocation in forex/stock exchange and restaurant business, I will surround myself with people who believe and practice the word of God. Jesus advises citizens in Mathew 24:11 to form relationships with other individuals who preach and practice the word of God. Jesus argues that people who claim to support the Living father but practice falsehoods will mislead God’s people. Thirdly, the understanding that God created making in his likeness will influence my relationship with my employees in my restaurant business. Also, it will also affect my relationship with other trading partners. For example, I will not look down upon my employees because they hold lesser positions in my business. Rather, I will strive to uplift them so that they can also create their businesses in future. God created humanity in his image and therefore, we all stand in the same hierarchy in the presence of God no matter our power of influence on earth.


We are creatures of the living God who created the heavens and the earth. He created us in his likeness, and therefore we should give praise to him at all times. Human beings are obsessed with earthly possession, and they strive to pursue them. However, they do not understand that God is the sole provider. Every person should seek the kingdom of God first before seeking earthly possessions. Also, people should know that we are all equal in the eyes of God. Wealth and power do not make people superior in the eyes of God. However, the individual who seeks the counsel of God and lives according to the words of God is superior to the one who does not.




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Bevans, S. B. (2009). An introduction to theology in global perspective. Maryknoll, N.Y: Orbis Books.

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