Sample Report on Technologies Applicable in Mobile Payment Service Solutions

Technologies Applicable in Mobile Payment Service Solutions

1.0. Introduction

Money transfer services are of extreme vitality in all entities, and it is imperative to nurture the technologies of mobile money transfer. The study reviews the problem of money transfer services in respective businesses. Moreover, the dissection focuses on how this challenge can be extinct or minimal in all businesses (Bettman & Harris 271). The flourishing of any entity is dependent on the available money transfer services in the business. The services that relate to mobile money transfer facilitate the payment of vendors, employees, contractors, and so forth. Hence, it is imperative for all businesses to grasp the concepts that are pertinent to mobile money transfers. In addition, it is necessary for entities to familiarize with the various models of technology that are applicable to mobile money transfer (Bettman & Harris 268). The main problem under scrutiny in this research relates to the services that pertain to mobile money transfers. In addition, the analysis shall compare three types of mobile operating systems. More precisely, the three types include the Google Android, Apple IOS, and the Microsoft Windows Mobile.

Figure 1: Illustration of Mobile Apps applicable in Money transfer Services

The study will focus on four aspects that relate to the mobile operating systems. The aspects include affordability, customizability, battery life, and cloud services and security. Android, IOS, and Window Mobile have the capability to support money transfer apps in various smartphones (Bettman & Harris 268). The dissection aims to compare these three mobile operating systems based on the features articulated above. In any business, it is imperative to implement safe, secure, and robust financial services. Moreover, money transfer services on the mobile operating systems enable the business to plan, strategize, and execute financial projects promptly. The scope of the dissection is of utmost vitality in any enterprise, and it is imperative for entities to analyze mobile operating systems based on the articulated aspects.

2.0. Body

2.1. Affordability

2.1.1. Apple IOS

Apple encounters challenges in matters that pertain to pricing their devices. Hence, the application of the Apple IOS framework in money transfer activities in the business becomes relatively challenging. For instance, the current iPhone prices in the market might be extremely challenging for most business especially the small and medium enterprises (Bettman & Harris 266). The endeavor of any business entity is to guarantee the capacity of making profits at all times. Most of the devices that originate from Apple are relatively costly to many people, and this makes accessing the Apple IOS platform to become difficult. The Apple IOS platform couples with high costs because buying an Apple device is a pre-requisite of utilizing the services of the Apple IOS operating system.

2.1.2. Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile is an initiative that originates from Microsoft. Recently, Microsoft fused its operations with Nokia, and the ownership of Nokia falls in Microsoft’s docket. Nokia has a very high reputation because it has the capacity to deliver hardware that is of high quality and at relatively minimal costs (Bettman & Harris 268). The Windows Mobile platform is more accessible to businesses as the devices involved in accessing the platform are readily available and cheap. The Windows Mobile platform has the capacity of supporting money transfer services, and this is an endowment to all businesses. In addition, the devices that support Windows Mobile have a competitive edge against Apple IOS devices in terms of pricing matters.

To some point, devices supported by Windows Mobile also compete with the Android-based devices. Compared to Apple IOS, Windows Mobile is much cheaper, and businesses are able to implement money transfer services by utilizing diversified devices in the market (Bettman & Harris 272). Moreover, the giants in the hardware-manufacturing field are partners of Windows 8.1. Thus, these hardware manufacturers have the potential to avail the devices that support Windows Mobile at extremely cheaper prices in the future. The hardware manufacturing companies that are in a partnership with Windows 8.1 include ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, and so forth (Bettman & Harris 267). Thus, these companies might make Windows Mobile to become the most affordable mobile operating system that supports money transfer applications.

2.1.3. Google Android

The devices that incorporate Android platforms highlight variety and cost effectiveness. The Android devices are extremely cheap and many manufacturers avail these devices to various business entities. Moreover, the design of the Android platform highlights the support of simplified devices (Bettman & Harris 266). More precisely, the Android platform is optimal with low-end hardware architectures. Thus, this makes Android devices much cheaper than Apple IOS and Windows Mobile devices. Businesses are able to implement money transfer services through the Android prices at extremely lower costs. For instance, First Merit Corporation launched a money transfer application called Pop money via the Android platform in Ohio. The money transfer service supports the sending and requesting of money via a mobile money transfer app, and entities implement this framework at cheap prices. The Google Android platform avails tons of free apps, and the businesses spend minimal in utilizing the Google Android Apps (Bettman & Harris 271). The Google Android platform is the most effective solution in terms of the costs involved compared to Windows Mobile and Apple IOS.

2.2. Customizability/User Friendliness

2.2.1. Apple IOS

Customization is crucial to the operations of any business, and mobile operating systems have to fuse with the business culture and operations at all times. Apple IOS makes provision for various features that highlight the aspects of customization. Apple implements a third party keyboard support for IOS, and this increases the adaptability to the platform (Bettman & Harris 269). Moreover, the IOS platform supports the sharing of respective extensions. The multi-purpose menu buttons available on the Apple IOS platform enable the extensive sharing of various extensions. Mobile operating systems are of many benefits to any individual in businesses. Such individuals may include managers, procurement personnel, contractors, accountants, and so forth. The Apple IOs avails a platform whereby the sharing of extensions is possible, and this enables a business to utilize the extensions in many ways including money transfer services (Bettman & Harris 271). In addition, the users of IOS are able to utilize a ‘More’ button, and this enables them to tailor the respective layouts and list of potential activities in the share sheets button.

2.2.2. Windows Mobile

The platform supports Live Tiles of a resizable nature and a variety of color schemes for a prospective client to select their preference. Customizability is of extreme importance, for the mobile operating systems to be successful in business the users have to embrace it (Bettman & Harris 270). For instance, an accountant may receive instructions to pay workers via mobile money services on a Windows Mobile platform. The respective accountant will have to embrace this technology for it to become successful in its implementation. Customizability is a crucial aspect that has a tremendous effect on the success of Mobile operating frameworks. The Windows Mobile platform also enables the addition of various background images (Bettman & Harris 269). In addition, there have been enhancements of the keyboard in Windows Mobile so that it is in line with the needs of various enterprises. The Live Tiles availed by the Windows Mobile framework update based on real time, and this enables them to serve the same function as widgets. However, the features of interaction are minimal because when a user taps the live tiles the app is simply launched.

2.2.3. Google Android

Users in prospective business ventures are able to customize various features while using the Android platform in money transfer services. First, one has the privilege of installing alternative launchers, and this transform then an appearance of the user interface in a massive way (Bettman & Harris 269). Secondly, a user can set up a lock screen and several home screens that encompass widgets of a resizable nature, backgrounds, and shortcuts. In addition, prospective business users have the option of choosing their default keyboards while utilizing the Android platform. Moreover, applications from their parties can be set as defaults for various kinds of services when using the Android platform. Compared to Apple IOS and Windows Mobile, the Android platform is much more customizable and the business users enjoy the experience of utilizing the money transfer capabilities supported by Android.

2.3. Battery Life

2.3.1. Apple IOS

Battery life is crucial to the effectiveness of Mobile operating systems, and it is imperative to guarantee a long battery life. The Apple IOS utilizes the most out of the battery pack per mAh rating. The effectiveness of mobile money transfer systems depends a lot on the battery life (Bettman & Harris 267). Moreover, if the battery life is not sufficient, the mobile operating systems will not be effective in money transfer services. Apple recognizes that battery life is crucial, and it implements in-depth battery usage statistics in its IOS 8 platform. However, Apple IOS devices are deficient of an application that enhances battery saving or a battery saving mode.

2.3.2. Windows Mobile

The platforms based on Windows Mobile support battery saver options that display the remaining running time. In all businesses, it is essential to anticipate forthcoming events especially when using mobile platforms that facilitate money transfer services. Devices that depend on Windows Mobile platforms offer viable power management solutions that can assure businesses of effective m money transfer services. Prospective clients can depend on the Windows Mobile platforms, and it will guarantee them a viable money transfer solution in all instances.

2.3.3. Google Android

In the Android platform, a business user is able to see the battery at a glance. The feature depends on an app, and it displays estimates of how much time is remaining at all instances. Compared to Apple IOS and Windows Mobile the Android still comes out on top. In addition, the Google incorporated a battery saver in all Android platforms. A user has the option to turn off background synchronizing and this avails a stable power source for mobile money transfers. In the current world, all professionals embrace the features of the technology, and in most instances, the professionals use their respective smartphones. The aspects that associate with mobile operating systems are of utmost vitality to the corporate world. In terms of battery life, the Android platform offers a lucrative solution to all business intellectuals.

2.4. Cloud Services and Security

2.4.1. Apple IOS

In terms of cloud services, the Apple IOS platform still lags behind in an immense manner. The Apple IOs platform has challenges in cloud storage and automatic backups. In addition, Apple charges a lot of money for just 100GB of data storage. In terms of security, Apple IOS carries the day, and it is widely applicable in the corporate world. The Apple IOS platform avails an unshakable secure platform for all businesses. Security in money transfer services is mandatory, and it is imperative for the security of mobile operating systems that support money transfer to be unshakable at all times. Apple devices nail the aspects of security especially with the Touch identification. Moreover, Apple Inc. has a stringent policy in regards to mobile applications. In addition, Apple IOS has the capability to transmit updates to numerous devices in a prompt and reliable manner. Apple IOS highlights incredible security features, and this makes it to have a competitive edge over Android and Windows Mobile.

2.4.2. Windows Mobile

Microsoft supports One Drive, and it has the capability to offer 15GB without any costs involved. In addition, One Drive supports cross-platform operations, but Google Drive has challenges working on Windows Mobile. In regards to security, Windows Mobile is not extensively used in other mobile operating systems. Microsoft appreciates the vitality of security and it is enhancing its security frameworks to capture a larger share of the corporate market. Currently, Apple IOS is the most secure operating system for mobile applications.

2.4.3. Google Android

In terms of additional storage space, Google Drive avails the supportive service at minimal costs. In addition, Google Drive operates on a variant platform and it is a viable enterprise solution in terms of availing cloud services. The features of security are an enormous challenge to the Android platform. The Android platform is vulnerable to malware attacks, and this is detrimental to the effectiveness of money transfer apps on Android. However, many people take precautions and restrict themselves from apps that are out of the Play store. In terms of enhanced security, Android comes out third after Apple IOS and Windows Mobile.

3.0. Conclusion

The Android platform is ranked the best in terms of affordability, customizability, battery life and cloud services (Table 1). Nevertheless, the Android platform has immense challenges in terms of maintaining the utmost levels of security. The Apple IOS platform is excellent in terms of security. However, the Apple IOS framework has enormous challenges in cloud services and security, battery life and affordability. The Windows Mobile platforms highlight a moderate performance in terms of cloud services and security, affordability, battery life, and customizability. In terms of the factors analyzed in the study, the Android platform is the most lucrative mobile operating system for mobile money transfer. The Android platform is an adequate solution to the problem of money transfer services. The Android platform is a viable enterprise solution for the challenges of mobile money transfer. The businesses ought to implement the Android platform, but they have to formulate appropriate means of abrogating or minimizing the security issue. Such procedures will ensure that the money transfer issues in the business world are extinct in all instances. Thus, the businesses will become fruitful and their authoritative performance objectives will always be successful in all companies.

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