Sample Research paper on Business Requirement

Business Requirement

  • Project Overview

Over the years, there has been an astounding crisis of water supply and sanitation in the community that has transcended to culminate into a societal menace. It is now quite imperative to bring forth a formidable project that would deal with this detrimental menace that would see to it that the water supply in the area is well taken care of. For that matter, the project is deemed to streamline the structure of the water supply in a more efficient and effective delivery of this basic commodity to the various individuals of the society. Its main objective is to look into the best way to form a formidable system that would help in the collection of the water revenue that would make sure higher stance of income is got to improve the water sector.

  • Background

Water supply entails the sourcing, treatment, and supply of water to the various departments and areas of destination. Water is one of the most fundamental things in our contemporary society. The gist of the matter is to create a platform that would make sure that this necessity reaches the esteemed members of the society (Hingarh, & Ahmed, 2013). To this end, the project is intended to cover a wider perspective of service delivery to the various individuals in the societal fraternity. The most important gist of this project is the incorporation of the proficient information technology that would streamline the faster delivery of water from the sourcing to the final delivery (Jokorvic, 2014). The IT would assertively be used in monitoring the level of water quality, the rate of supply, and the rectification of any faulty supply line and most importantly to rectify the cash collection from the users of water.

  • Scope
    • The Scope of the Project

The company currently uses the manual system of collection of cash where the various customers pay their water bills over the counter and the various bill receipts offered to them. The company is deemed to incorporate the transaction process system that would help in the computer-based collection of the cash. This is with a view to meet the collection target of 500 clients per hour in order to reduce time taken for queuing. The decision support system will also be implemented for the purpose of making the various supply decisions. Additionally, Microsoft excels and database would be used in the implementation of the project for the recording of then various clients’ receipts. A website would be created as an information dissemination tool for the customers who would get most of the information about the payment services and act accordingly. The customization of the system would be limited to the point of interaction with customers that is at the transaction process system and at the website description. The communication interface would be the use of computer transaction process system. In terms of conversion, only the data from the transaction process system would be deemed for conversion and testing would be done through parallel change over and by measuring the actual results compared to the standard results. The training if the users will be done through seminars and through creation of various forums in the website as an educational tool. The education would include that various ways in which to appropriately use the information system so created.

  • Constraints and Assumptions
  • In the implementation of the project we assumed that the project will cost less than the benefits that it is going to bring forth, this is because the project entails a lot of cash and hence the assumption.
  • We also assume that the users of this information system would receive this project in a positive stance for the betterment of their lives.
  • The third assumption is that the various users who interact with staff at the various interface are computer literate and that they are able to proper utilize this facility for the precision of the activities in question
  • Another assumption is that the existing project is far much costly than the proposed system and this poses a financial constraint.
    • Risks
  • One risk that has been identified is the failure of the system to start functioning in the event of big bang implementation which would result into loss of invariable amount of revenue
  • The financial constraint and loss also poses a risk of non completion of the project since the project requires a higher level of capital investment this can render the company bankrupt and for that matter is poses a risk of closer of the firm.
  • The project faces a risk of becoming obsolete in the sense that is there are rapid technological advancements in this field of technology and since this project is a long term project it has the challenge of keeping up with the dynamism that is posed in the arena of technology lest it be declared redundant
    • Scope Control

The instinctive control of the changes that have been postulated in the in this document will be managed through the control of change. The water project owner would be a representative for the approval of any change of the scope mentioned above, any change in that touches on timeline and the various costs stipulated will be effectively done after the approval by the owner of the business.

  • Relationship to Other Systems/Projects

It is the sole duty of the business owner to give out all the details of any other business initiative that may impact or affect the project to the IT. So far the business initiatives that are impacting on the project are;

  • The opening of a subsidiary sewerage firm that would need the information system as well and this would bring forth the cost implication at a higher stance.
  • The company is implementing a parallel project in the transformational of the employee payment sector of the firm. This has a pounding effect on the payroll of the employee, which in turn has o be incorporated into the decision support system so implemented.
    • Definition of Terms

Decision support system: this is a type of information system that helps the middle level management in making of the various decisions as per the required. They get their information from the transaction process systems and using the software inculcated in them, they analyze the data in order to come up with an informed solution to the management (Jokorvic, 2014).

Transaction process system; this is a type of information system that is used to collect raw data at the point of sale. It contains bulk of information about the clients who pay up for the services. The system has activities, which are quite repetitive in nature (Hingarh, & Ahmed, 2013).


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