Sample Research Paper on stakeholder community

The purpose of this assignment is to specifically identify non-functional requirements that would be needed to correctly implement a life-rated project such as Scale2.  The assignment will also require customization of the non-functional requirements to make them appropriate for our stakeholder community (e.g., require passwords that a resident is likely to be able to use).


Read the Case Study document (Scale2 attached document). Write three well-formed non-functional requirements statements to cover each of the following categories – that is, three security non-functional requirements, three for privacy, etc.:

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Responsiveness (e.g., how quickly an alert must be sent)
  • System availability (e.g., number of hours of downtime allowed per month)

Of course, you don’t know the actual requirements for this particular assisted living facility but think through a reasonable set of requirements given the potential for life-critical events in the facility. Later, during risk analysis, we will consider whether we should change these requirements due to their relative risks versus costs and benefits.

Post your non-functional requirements as described above.  Your response should be insightful, thoughtful, and analytical.