Sample Research Proposal on Repealing of Net Neutrality

March 2, 2018



Subject:           Research proposal on repealing of net neutrality

Study Background

The objective of the paper is to research a technological issue regarding the repeal of net neutrality. Studies reveal that when users access the Internet, they are driven by a variety of aspirations and specific expectations (Finley, 2017). They therefore find it quite annoying and frustrating when they visit websites that do not function properly so they opt for websites that do not cause them problems. Of specific importance therefore, when consumers use the Internet, they particularly expect net neutrality. The concept is a basic principle that prevents Internet Providers from speeding up, slowing down, or blocking content for users (Collie, 2017). Since its inception, the Internet has been working according to this principle. Activists have been on the forefront in pressuring communication commissions to formulate rules that ensure net neutrality. The basic question for this study is whether repealing it will affect users of the internet on a global scale.

Research and Observation Question

The research and observation question for this study is:

How might repeal affect users of the internet on a global scale?




For the sake of this investigation, data will be collected from individuals aged 18 years and above, where the age group likely to be most technologically impaired by this, are those 40 years and over.

Numerous data collection methods are available to researchers. The choice always depends on the variables, information sources, and resources available for the study. In this investigation, researchers will employ the use of interviews and surveys. Interview data will be attained through inquiry and recorded by data enumerators. Structured interviews will be implemented through the use of survey forms and open interviews will be conducted through physical interaction with the respondents. After that, analysis of data will be conducted. These methods are well suited to the study due to the widely spread out respondents.


The researchers possess the necessary qualifications to conduct the research. These include project management, effective handling of budgets, team management, effective data handling, and possession of excellent IT skills and knowledge.

Research Results  

Repealing net neutrality will greatly affect global usage of internet. Global online services will become more expensive outside of United States because services will be expensive within. Repealing net neutrality will promote companies like Comcast to put in place program that are good for their operation but bad for global consumers and online services. In line with this, Netflix and Amazon will have to pay additional fees to access network infrastructure, the result is that, global consumers will have bear increased cost. This will affect global use of Internet services especially if consumers are not willing to pay the additional cost. American will be ceding Internet control and leadership to other countries across the world. “This is a bad example from a country that necessitated the invention of Internet” (Finley, 2017). However, there are a few countries that will not be affected. China for example, had repealed net neutrality and this move by the American government will only encourage them to continue with their restrictions. On the other hand, India does not support any Internet restrictions and discrimination hence will look to other countries for guidance. In summary, the global use of the Internet would be adversely affected as availability and access to web pages will be restricted.

Call to Action

The consequences of abolishing net neutrality will be denial of freedom and power to the consumer, and instead giving power to the corporations, consumers spending additional money, and corporations making extra money. This will adversely affect global usage of Internet, and so calling to action all the stakeholders to reconsider promoting net neutrality.



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