Sample Response Paper on the September 11 2001 Terror Attack on United States

  1. Describe what stands out to you( perhaps from memory) from the events of September 11 2001,give two examples of events or changes of september 11,2001 that you attribute to the terror attack.

The coming together of the democrats and the republicans in efforts to fight the terrorists marked history; it was an event that stood out following the terrorist attack. The September 11 terror attack was the saddest event in American history, the whole country was mourning and also united to help victims (Halsall, 1),this also stood out.It was a true expression of patriotism to the Nation and all the Citizens.I relate the bombing of the two New York City World Trade center towers to the terror attack (Globalization and its discontents, 2),I believe it was aimed at disabling the American economy . I also associate the destruction of Pentagon  one of the most secured American towers to the September 11 terror attack,I believe the attack was the alQaida’s way of pushing for a war knowing very well the American military will fight back.

  1. In your view what should we learn from this attack and our experiences trying to deal with.

I believe the attack was a big lesson to America and the World at large to always be prepared for the worst. Osama Bin Laden could not have known so much about America had he not been in partnership with the government prior to the attack, it is therefore necessary to get to learn more about those you do business with and to limit how much information they can get about you. The unity all Americans expressed aided the quick recovery from the attack it is something the rest of the world should emulate,there is power in unity.


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