Sample Review on The History of Engineering an Empire in Egypt

Engineering an Empire

This video involves the engineering work that took place more than 5,000 years ago. This means that Egyptian had developed engineering techniques long before civilization period. The leader of Egyptian community inspired their subjects to work and build a city that would enhance their safety. In addition, some dams were built to prevent the society from destructive floods and physical phenomenon.

Menes a king in the Egyptian society was able to bring people together especially the lower and upper kingdoms. He personally supervised the construction of a fifty-foot’s high wall at Memphis as well as the dam. Culminating from earlier invention by leaders, pharaoh’s who came after Menes introduced new ideas and techniques into the art. This oversaw the building of the first tomb and stone building. It happened under the leadership of Djoser.  Pharoah Snefru had a taste for architecture. In order to satisfy his ambitions, he engaged in war with neighbors and looted resources that he would later apply in constructing pyramid.

Statues were placed at different places in these buildings to signify power. In addition, some statues reflected the images of key figures in the society hence encouraged the population to work hard and defend their territory. Traders who came across the statues and forts were impressed by the work and imported the idea to other parts of the world. From the video, the following pharaohs contributed immensely to the formation of a strong dynasty. They includes: Pharaoh Sesostris III, Akhenaten and Ramesses II.