Sample Social Work and Human Paper on Immigration Woes

Prostitution and Immigration

Cassi Feldman’s publication, Sexually Exploited Youth,interrogated the world’s oldest and clandestine profession, prostitution and its close linkage with immigration.  Prostitution, a medieval trade dating back to the beginning of humanity, has and will continue ailing our society. (Xiangbo, 2010, p. 2551).  High levels of teenage prostitution should not be ignored. It should elicit sufficient course for the investigation of the origins of these individuals, level of education and their age and if immigrants.. This therefore calls for immediate action be taken before this problem escalates into a catastrophe’. In this trade, children of African-American and Hispanic origin are most affected. Prostitution, as indicated by Xiangbo, is rife majorly in cities and city suburbs propagated by mostly immigrants who cross the boarder in pursuit of the “American Dream” only to be sold to pimps who misuse them (2010, p. 2559).

Interested parties and independent lobby groups have been seen to push the Trump administration to fast track and explore tenable solutions for the immigration menace. Construction of rehabilitation shelters and supervised community home is not sufficient for eradicating prostitution. With the president heightening tensions over the current high number of undocumented immigrants in the country, most immigration occurred during the period between 1990 and 2000 (Gordon , 2009, p. 77). The yet to be implemented “child separation policy” by Mr. Trump’s administration will greatly water down efforts to reduce destitute children in cities. The country will realize an influx of children in private and government shelters as a result of this policy. Economists project that in a few years, cities , as a result of this separation, will be very insecure.

These stringent laws have already impacted on the immigration patterns from Mexico. Gross immigration statistics indicate that the total number of new immigrants from Mexico declined by more than 1.3 million between 2010 and 2017. This drastic decline, attributed by many as to have occurred by the ascension of Mr. Trump to the corridors of power, has seen the Mexican economy, once on its knees, has mushroomed and is currently plummeting (Eric & Tain, 1987, p. 321). From a country writhing the effects of cartel controlled drug trade, illegal arms and insecurity, Mexico is on a path of steady growth and stability. Mexico has beaten the odds to make life better for its citizenry. Through concerted efforts between countries to provide better living standards, children are protected against the vulnerabilities associated with illegal immigration.



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