Sample Social Work and Human Services Paper on Friendship vs Professional Relationship

Think of a personal problem you currently have or have had in the past (there is no need to reveal the specific problem unless you wish to). Consider the friends/relatives you spoke with about your problem. Consider the “others”: professional counselor, clergy, teacher, doctor, acquaintance, etc. that you spoke with about your problem (or, that you could imagine yourself talking to about this problem). What did you get from each group that was helpful and not-helpful? In the discussion thread below discuss some of the differences and similarities you found between the helpful and non-helpful responses, citing words, phrases, sentences, behaviors, feelings, perceptions, that you may have received. Do you see a difference between responses from family/friends and from the professional relationship? Reflect on how these differences may guide your practice with clients.

2) consider the three facilitive qualities identified as essential for effective social workers. Which of these will be the most challenging for you and why?

Writer: answer do not have to be long . Just answered clearly . On question 2, I would not have a problem with any of them ….. respect, empathy, authenticy.