Sample Social Work and Human Services Paper on Sexual Violence

  • Discuss economic inequality between men and women

Economic inequalities between women and men exist in assets ownership, paying salaries and wages, and underrepresentation. In many states and nations, women are paid less than men are in the same profession. The difference in earning is often determined by experience, occupation, and education (Bartlett, 2017). However, when pay is determined between men and women holding all other factors constant, most women are still underpaid in their profession. Additionally, women are underrepresented in middle management and senior jobs. Women are also over-represented in low-income jobs. According to Bartlett (2017), only 19% of firms worldwide have women as managers. Men in most countries own land and most assets, and thus women lack control of essential assets, which leads to severe problems in case of a divorce.

  • Identify at least two ways of empowering women

Women are empowered by supporting women in crisis. Most women in the world face gender-based violence in school, work, and in their families. According to Katz in TEDx (2013), most men have neglected such violence by claiming to be women issues. However, to end gender-based violence, Katz suggests that men should join women in the fight and not act against them to ensure an upright upbringing of the next generation of men and women.

Another way is by increasing the number of women in leadership positions. Women are under-represented in key leadership positions, which suppresses their efforts to fight against women’s equality (TEDx, 2013). According to Katz, women’s leadership assists greatly against gender violence. Women in leadership have a “bigger voice” and know well the problems women are undergoing in the society and therefore are in a better position to fight for women issues thus empowering women

  • Identify one program that you feel is effective in addressing men’s issues related to the issue of male violence.

Johnson Katz founded Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) to urge all the athletes and students of the US to join hands to fight against all kinds of men violence, especially towards women. MVP advocates for a paradigm shift in people’s way of thinking to prevent male violence, and addressing dominant culture (in these case men) is the first step in addressing violence rather than focusing on the affected persons or the victims of violence (TEDx, 2013). MVP urges men, especially those in leadership positions, to speak out of the violence and use their interviews in media to fight against gender violence.

  • Examine the role and effect of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment effects mainly comprise of financial and health impacts. According to McLaughlin, Uggen, & Blackstone (2017), persons suffering from sexual harassment reported low self-esteem, sleep disturbance, anxiety, depression, headaches, loss of appetite, weight loss, or gain, and in worst cases, post-traumatic stress disorder. The economic impacts of sexual violence are worse, mainly when there are no policies and procedures set by the employer. These effects include loss of wages due to frequent unpaid leave. According to McLaughlin, Uggen, & Blackstone (2017), US government workers lost $4.4 million between 1992 and 1994 due to sexual violence and harassment. The victims are also at risk of losing their job and recommendations.

  • Provide a brief critique of a news event related to the subject of intimate partner sexual abuse

According to BBC (2019), Kantengwa was sexually abused by his boyfriend Max and later his husband, Heard. Kantengwa narrates the obsession that Max had on her, which later resulted in physical violence. Her marriage life with Heard restricted her freedom of what to wear and even her social life (BBC, 2019). The climax of her sexual abuse came when her nudes photos were exposed to the public.

The Kantengwa incidence demonstrates sexual abuse of partners whereby women in marriage and relationships are forced into sexual acts without their sexual consent. The news explains the current problem in society relating to gender violence, especially towards women. However, on the issues of sexual abuse, men are also victims and should not be neglected.

  • What role do you think Social Work can play in resolving the problem.

Educating the community and helping the victims. Social workers can provide prevention and education programs to specific groups in the community in an attempt to end sexual abuse (LegalMomentum, 2015). Social work assists victims to change their way of life and in finding needed services.



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