Sample Social Work and Human Services Paper on The barriers and challenges of our military veterans

The barriers and challenges of our military veterans and the role social workers may have or assist with rehabilitation.

1. Introduction (11/2 – 2 pages)
a. Description of the program or issue to be investigated—what is the problem you
are addressing or the program you are evaluating? This section might contain
statistics of prevalence or incidence.
b. Statement and documentation of the significance of the program or issue and the
rationale for studying it relative to social work. This part should describe why the
problem is important, or evidence of the impact of the problem for society.
c. Purpose of the proposed study–formal statement of research question(s). Your
question should be “well-built”– it can’t be vague or unclear; it must tell the reader
precisely what you would like to investigate. The question cannot be an answer to
a fact (e.g., what is the poverty rate in California compared to the poverty rate in
the U.S.?) and cannot “discover” something that we already know from prior

2. Literature review (11/2 – 2 pages,; minimum of 3 research article references that
should be attached to your paper)
a. Summary and integration of related research and findings/ identified gaps in the
literature—you should summarize in your own words what you have learned about
the topic; identify the gap(s) in our knowledge on the topic. (The discussion
section of research articles is a good place to find these gaps.) The gaps you find
in the literature should help you build your rationale for the study. Why is your
study needed and what will it contribute to our knowledge base?
b. Framework for the proposed study including conceptual definitions of major
concepts if needed—this part is to help define the parameters of your proposed
study—its limits.
c. Restatement of research question(s) as refined by the literature review. Conclude
this section with your research question(s).