Sample Social Work and Human Services Paper on Yellow Corvette Commercial

The need being met was the fear of buying the wrong car especially if you are a second car buyer. The male was initially skeptical that he could end up buying the wrong car in terms of its specifications. The advert majors on CarMax’s flexibility in terms of accepting back second hand cars that failed to meet the buyer’s specifications.

The adult female is elated yet disappointed. The arrival of the new car seems to make her happy initially from a far. However, upon seeing the number of seats present in the car, she becomes disappointed. The new yellow car has only two seats; enough for her, her husband, and their first born daughter. The adult female appears to be rubbing her belly as a show of their unborn baby not being considered by the male in his decision to buy the yellow car (‘CarMax TV Commercial’ n.d.). Her reaction seems to insinuate that the male may have lost his money in making a decision that is not inclusive.

The adult male in the advert goes to make a car purchase. He looks nervous at the beginning probably because the car is an urgent need. He buys a new yellow car and drives it home. He meets the adult female and a small girl watering the flower lawns and has a happy look. The two adults appear to be a family with the small girl being their first born daughter. The adult female is expectant and the male adult seems to have completely forgotten about the unborn baby. The woman rubs her womb immediately after seeing the car intently as a reminder to the man that he had forgotten something. This fact makes the woman disappointed. The two’s relationship seems to be a bit superficial since the unborn baby was all the while forgotten by the man until he arrived home with the new car.



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