Sample Social Work Paper on Being a World Changer

World Changer

A world changer is someone who is committed to change the world and is ready to make a difference. He or she usually goes beyond the expectations of Christianity and finds the most intense demands that are placed on Christians and goes after them with all his/her heart (Harris, 2008). A world changer is action-driven and acts on his/her passion, purpose, and dreams

Current and Previous World Changer Inductees

            What I have learnt from the stories of the current world-changer inductee, Ernie Johnson, and some of the previous world-changer inductees, Cheryl Bachelder and Elizabeth Dole, is that they action-driven, and have the passion and heart others. For instance, Ernie Johnson has the passion to serve others as he shares his faith in Christ with the world. Moreover, Bachelder was committed to serve people in her former organization “Popeye franchise” as demonstrated in her book “Dare to Serve: How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others.” Elizabeth Dole who served as a second female president of the American Red Organization also had the passion to serve others. In her first term, she served within the organization as a volunteer to help others.

Integration of Christian Faith and Social Work Practice

To integrate Christianity faith and social work practice ethically, students should be trained on the significance of Christianity to develop them into competent individuals in their future careers. Integrating Christianity faith and social work practice will enable them to demonstrate effective practice skills from a culturally competent holistic perspective (Harris, 2008). There is also a need to include conversations about faith and individuals’ beliefs in social work practice to enable people to share various Christianity and social work issues.




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