Sample Social Work Paper on Sexuality and the Geriatric Client

I unanimously agree with the emphatic assertions of Hanshaw that older adults proactively engage in sex even after menopause. However, I need to add that majority of more elderly persons engage in sex to feel young again. According, they try enjoying their sexuality to avoid negative thoughts of death and disability. This is the core reason it is reasonably common seeing a vulnerable elderly of 75 years dating a teenager. It is challenging to comprehend why such behaviors occur, but studies have found out they enjoy company of the young as it makes them happy and feel rejuvenated again (Emamzadeh, 2019). Regrettably, I do not completely concede that the elderly need education to improve their sexual participation. These people have lived long to know what is right and wrong. I believe the elderly adults need to be taken through intensive counseling and therapy sessions. For instance, adults Hanshaw encountered during her practice need psychological help because such typical social behaviors are abnormal.

Dorsey asserts that sexuality and the geriatric population should never be considered an oxymoron. I totally agree with her arguments and reinforce that even the aged experience intimate feelings towards others. Dorsey further reveals that the elderly worry about sex because of lubrication problem in women and prostate cancer/erectile dysfunction in men. However, these are not the only reason why the elderly worry about sex.  There are broad arrays of possible reasons why the elderly may shy away from sexual activities. These possible reasons do not have to do with infectious diseases and malfunctions (Melinda and Segal, 2019). For instance, the elderly worry about sex due to their inability to offer better intimate experience. In addition, a high number are frequently embarrassed due to loss of their partners and the respect they have for their children. In view of this, I do not feel sexuality is common among the old. Though I agree that cases of STDs are high in the United States because when the elderly mutually decide to have sex, they do it recklessly.



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