Sample Sociology Essays on Democracy and the Fourth Estate

The advocacy for a democratic government and promotion of good governance by the media has had a great influence on the decisions made by the executive, judiciary, and the legislature. Although the media’s role as the government watchdog has sometimes impacted negatively on media personnel, it has not deterred its duty of ensuring that the public voice is heard and their inputs in decision making are taken into consideration. The media is therefore a necessary tool in the cultivation of a government that adheres to democracy and good governance guidelines.

The media has promoted a reduction in amount of conspiracy that keep the public in the dark. Through the help of FBI special agent Fox Mulder everyone learnt that “the truth is out there.” Although the revelation of the X files was not whole, at least there some exposure which relays a degree of inclusion (Kravitz 2).  This clearly reveals a sense of inclusion of the public to what is happening in the deep state. The media’s role is therefore evident and essentially linked to the advocacy and promotion of a democratic government.

The media also provides a platform through which the rule of law is practiced and corruption is reduced. The adherence to and respect of the rule of law builds the citizens’ confidence in the democratic process through forecasting legislative and administrative proceedings, investigative journalism, promotion of court openness among others. The watchdog role of the media keeps the corruption at bay (Starr 2). The transparency qualifies confidence among the citizens in in the whole governing system.

The timely and access to wide information that the media provides has a massive positive impact on democratic governance. This is made possible through freedom of information. The newspapers among other media has played an important role in checking of abuse within the system (Starr 2). Access to administrative information through the media ensures the scrutiny and verifiability of information by the citizens. The citizens are therefore able to ensure coincidence of what is reported by the government with the availed information. This in its entirety promotes democracy in governance.


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