Sample Sociology Essays on Marriage Market

Until recently, marriages were strictly between man and woman for procreation and child-upbringing in lifetime family settings.  This norm of Marriage has presently transformed to same-sex couples, divorce, cohabitation, single parenthood, children adoption as well assisted reproductive technology. These transformations have greatly piloted decline in marriages. Establishment of   Marriage markets have improved the marriage bonds in the current society. Marriage market is the social local area like school, neighbourhood, internet, and work place where individuals search for possible marriage spouses. The marriage market process, governed by economic factors and boundaries like race and education, is voluntary among spouses. People with common interests and qualities are able to form relationships that might lead to marriage through marriage market.

Technology has greatly impacted the marriage market through provision of social platforms like dating sites, which allow individuals in common groups, having similar romantic interests to search and form romantic relationships (Cohen 291). Marriages formed through internet are stronger based on better communication and happier relationships. In marriage market settings, potential couples meet in social platforms like colleges, internet, neighbourhood, and work place. Many couples engaging in marriage market end up in marriages based on their education levels and economic status. Before making a crucial decision of marriage, individuals scrutinize the education levels and economic status of their potential marriage partners (Cohen 275). For instance, in the US many marriage unions are currently common for degree holders; implying that more couples are economically fit due to their combined income. According to Cohen, marriage has progressively intensified among people with higher education and more income compared to the marriages of couples with less education, encompassed with economic insecurity challenges.

Marriage market is vital in helping individuals search for their potential marriage partners. Social platforms like dating sites on the internet have displayed positive effects on marriages through strengthening relationships. Individuals are able to determine the qualities of their potential marriage partners like level of education and occupation before engaging in marital activities.


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