Sample Sociology Essays on Sociology and its Concepts

Sociology could be described as a social science that involves the study of people and how they live in their groups and societies. This would be inclusive of their culture, social behavior and the short contacts between them as either individuals or as a society. It also involves studying the social changes in life and, problems in the social society. This is achieved by examining the dynamics of the divisions in a society which include communities, institutions, gender, population, and age groups. Social life is believed to regulate the behavior of humans thus they depend on social institutions for their decisions and actions. Sociology therefore strives to discover how institutions and organizations affect an individual’s behavior, their establishment, interaction and social decay. This therefore includes institutional structures such as political, religious, and educational nor forgetting other specialized organizations such as families. Culture, social imagination, and social structures therefore play a major role in sociology.

Culture could be considered as one of the key concepts in sociology. This is because it plays an important role in the social lives of people. it shapes social relationships, maintains and challenges social order, dictates the ability of humans to make sense of the world and their place or roles in it, and helps to shape the actions and experiences of individuals in everyday life (Back, 49). Culture guides people through language, values and beliefs, and practices shared among a common society (Back, 50). Through many different phenomenon, culture defines and conforms people to a certain behavior that helps them interact and identify with the rest of the society.

Sociological imagination is yet another important concept in sociology because it helps people to think of other things other than familiar routines that are normally followed thus giving a fresh perspective. It therefore allows individuals to differentiate between personal and social levels thus allowing them to come up with their own meaning of something (Scott, 12). This then allows them to make a personal choice that would suit them best. It is basically a definition of human behavior whereby ones understanding of something could be different from the other depending on their social imagination (Scott, 18). What one derives from something will differ from the next person since personal troubles are experienced within one’s character while public issues are beyond personal control. When one individual fails to complete an assignment, it would be considered a personal issue but when half of the class fails to do it, it is a public problem.

Social structure could be defined the stable arrangement of institutions in regard to the interaction of human beings in the society and their ability to live together. Since sociology is basically the study of human behavior with the help of studying social institutions surrounding humans, social structure remains an important concept in sociology (Crothers, 15). Social structures such as age group play a major role in this concept since they bring about patterned social relations. The repetitive aspects of integration tend to have an effect on a given societal entity. The social structure of a small group therefore tends to describe their behavior and conformity to the society due to influence as compared to that of a large society. Society therefore comes up with social structure that helps in guiding people (Crothers, 17). such include factors such as division of labor and condemning crime such that everyone knows that violence is a disruptive force. Cohesion of social activities also tends to give the society order such that human beings have formed political units, worship centers and any other regulated social activities that tend to define a certain community.

In conclusion, all the concepts come together to support the whole aspect behind sociology as a science that involve the study of how people live in a society. People tend to engage in different behaviors and activities hence the need for a definition of different concepts and aspects to help one arrive at a detailed conclusion. Society tries in many ways to shape individuals hence the importance of studying some of the aspects that lead achieving a complete study of the society.

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