Sample Sociology Paper on Attitude Formation:TriPower

TriPower is an energy drink that is packaged in an aluminum can with a capacity of 250 ml. the primary ingredients of the drink are caffeine, glucuronolactone, taurine, and sucrose. Moreover, the advertisement for TriPower is aimed at giving the impression that the product enhances physical and mental performances. Therefore, the advert features a student, a nurse, a programmer, an athlete, and a casual laborer feeling free and having fun in their endeavors after taking the energy drink. These professions are chosen deliberately because they demand mental and physical acuity. Moreover, rock music is playing on the background to emphasize the renewal of energy that is associated with the consumption of TriPower.

Classical conditioning has often been used to advertise products and services by associating their consumption with a neutral stimulus. By using certain stimuli to provoke feeling is relation to a brand, marketers can influence the attitude of consumers (Aronson et al., 2019). Consumers are tempted to buy a product or service with the assumption that the consumption of the product will lead to the realization of the stimulus that is used in the advertisement. In other words, the use of classical conditioning revolves around promising an experience that is extraordinary with the intention of creating an association between the experience and the product that is being promoted in a promotion campaign (PsychandSound, 2014). As such, classical conditioning would not be effective in advertising if consumers solely relied on rational processes for consumption decision-making (Haider & Shakib, 2018). Therefore, irrational decision-making by consumers makes the use of classical conditioning possible.

In the advertisement described herein, the stimulus is the state of having fun with freedom. Indeed, the mentioned activities cause exhaustion because of how physically and emotionally demanding they are. the advertisement gives the target audience the impression taking the energy drink would renew their energy.



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