Sample Sociology Paper on Challenges and factors that enhance wellness


Wellness is described as the clinically acceptable state of physical and mental health. There seven dimensions of wellness, which are occupation, physical, intellectual, emotional, environmental, spiritual and social wellness ((University of California, 2014). These dimensions however, have their challenges and factors that enhance each. It is important to be able to enhance wellness in general.


Occupation wellness entails the ability to achieve equilibrium between work and leisure time. This can be achieved by increasing your knowledge and skill in your occupation, avoiding overworking and setting achievable goals. Some of the challenges affecting occupation wellness include working under stressful environment, lack of communication and unity in the work place and delayed payment.


Having a balanced nutritious meal is essential in enhancing physical wellness (Edmuds, 2016). Exercise is a key factor in promoting healthy lifestyle (Varsha, 2012). Other factors include getting enough sleep and engaging in recreational activities. The challenges include: stress, poor inconsistent rest and poor nutrition.


Factors that can increase ones knowledge and skills include: reading, research and travelling. Limited resources, limited access and travel expenses are challenges affecting intellectual wellness.


The ability to avoid stress helps one to improve his/her emotional wellbeing. Stress can have detrimental effects on wellness leading to emotional distress and deterioration of physical health. Thus stress management is essential to build a healthy mind and body. According to Winch (2013), improving self-esteem is vital to build emotional wellness. The challenges to emotional wellbeing include depression, fear of uncertainties and anxiety.


Agroforestry, cleaning the environment and embracing reusable bottles are ways to enhance environmental wellness. The challenges include: pollution, deforestation and waste build up.


Traveling, exploring the spiritual core and reading more on spiritual things enhance spiritual wellness. Lack of legit information, idle talk and limited accurate resources are challenges related to the same.


Spending more time with social circles, exploring and strengthening relationships enhance social wellness. However, poor management of time, seclusion and diverse characters are challenges affecting social wellness.


Physical wellness requires commitment from an individual to adhere to an exercise regime and proper diet. Maintaining one’s emotional health is equally important. A well-informed and disciplined life contributes to an individual’s happiness and satisfaction.




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