Sample Sociology Paper on Interdisciplinary Teamwork and Collaboration

Human interactions have the likelihood to develop conflict. Interdisciplinary teams in

health care sector are made up of the nurses, social workers, nurse practitioners and the

physicians. Team members from these different professionals complement their roles, share

responsibilities, work together to make decisions pertaining patients’ care plans. Any healthcare

setting requires to assimilate this practice in order to offer effective quality and patient centered

care services. In the interaction process of the care givers from different disciplines, conflict

may occur due to the difference in philosophies. These conflicts can be used in a positive way to

promote interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration.

Positive use of conflict.

Poor communication is one of the conflicts in the interdisciplinary teamwork

and collaboration. This sets the patient’s safety to be at risk due to inadequate critical

information, information can be misinterpreted, unclear orders can be given over phone calls

and overlooking of patient’s status changes can take place. Poor communication between doctors

and nurses can be due to the difference in their communication styles. Doctors are trained on

being very concise in their communication whereas nurses are trained to give details on clinical

situations. Nurses therefore explain the patients’ clinical situations thus making it easy to be

understood to other team members of the same or different discipline  while the doctors only

give brief information. The two groups can be used in an interdisciplinary teamwork and

collaboration to complement by their difference in communication styles. As a result of poor

communication of team members, informal meetings and gossip may be triggered among team

members, giving underlying surface information. The source of this information, its relevance

and impacts can be evaluated to decide the next step towards promoting interdisciplinary team


Conclusion. Conflict is an inevitable factor in interdisciplinary teamwork and

collaboration. Poor communication in interdisciplinary teamwork is one of the causes which

might lead to risk the safety of the patient. It can result in misinterpretation of information,

critical information may be inadequate, orders given via phone calls may be unclear and  changes

in the status of the patient may be overlooked. However, this conflict can be used to promote

interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration. The ability of nurses to explain the clinical

situations unlike the doctors who give brief information can cause poor communication.

Working together of the two members of different disciplines promote interdisciplinary

teamwork as they can complement one another. Poor communication in the team can trigger

informal meetings and gossip that give surface information which can be worked on to give the

next step the team should take.


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