Sample Song Analysis Paper on ‘The Power of love’

Song Analysis

Most people prefer the use of music to convey a message to different people. People compose music relaying appropriate information to the target group or person. Arguably, most people prefer communicating different messages or feelings to the intended people through music because the information contained in music could stay for long in the memory of the target person. Additionally, music is soothing hence most people pay much attention to the music while paying keen attention to the messages contained in the music(Margoliash 2002).

One such relaxing and romantic music is a song done by Celine Dion entitled ‘The Power of love.’ Although the song was produced close to two decades ago, most music lovers still enjoy the song to date. The song had won many awards dating back from the late 90s. In 1995 during the American Music Awards, it won the Favorite Pop / Rock Single Award. Many people liked the song, and that’s how it came so common among the music lovers. In the same year during the ASCAP Pop Awards, it was among the songs that won the Most Performed Songs award. Notably, the song has won several awards making it one of the best songs that have had an impact on the society. The song did not go without criticisms from a section of people. Part of the people criticized the song by arguing that it contained scenes that were not suitable for children’s viewing. However, it was loved in equal measures by other individuals who found the song interesting to listen to. Arguably, the song portrayed a romantic relationship between two people in love. It presented the tender feelings that lovers usually have towards one another.

Notably, music is a form of communication containing messages that are analyzed using different theories so that the meaning of the contents of the song get to be properly understood(Margoliash 2002). The song ‘Power of Love’ is a romantic song and shows the feeling that one of the partners has towards the other. Considering the social exchange theory used to examine interpersonal communications, it is evident that there existed a strong romantic bond holding the two together. Social exchange theory explains that close relationship with people in the society would make one to reveal the feeling one feels towards the other. In the song ‘Power of Love,’ sentiments like ‘Your voice is warm and tenderA love that I could not forsake’ indicates the strong feeling of love that exist between the two lovers. It is evident that the singer gives personal information to the lover about the feeling. It is shown in the part of the song where the singer indicates that ‘Lost is how I’m feeling lying in your arms.’

Additionally, the social penetration theory can be employed to indicate the developments that have occurred in the relationship between the two lovers in the song ‘Power of Love.’ Arguably, according to the song’s lyrics, the two lovers involved have had advancements in their relationship. Their relationship is fully developed, and they both have a romantic feeling towards each other. Such a romantic feeling that each of them has towards the other is indicated in the lyrics ‘Cause I am your lady, And you are my man.’ and ‘The sound of your heart beating Made it clear.’

In conclusion, it is essential to analyze any music so that the meaning and intention of the music is clearly spelled out. Also, interpersonal communication theories should be employed to enable people adequately understand the message in any music.


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