Sample Sport Essays on Outsourcing Golf Management


Golf clubs have management boards that are tasked with driving the club towards achieving its goals and objectives and have a competitive advantage in the golf industry. The management board takes responsibility for the club operations, marketing and membership fee, food and beverage, risk management plans, information technology and human resource of the club. However, the golf club can choose to outsource for management to a third party for various reasons such as to boost their sales or to improve their golf standards. In light with this, the research will examine third-party management companies such as American Golf Corp and KPI and their promises to their clients, the advantages and disadvantages of third-party management outsourcing and the myths and realities of the research and if it can be recommended to a golf club.

Outsourcing Companies and Their Promises to Clients

American Golf Corp has been able to provide management services for many years with their unique knowledge of operations and extensive propriety innovations elevating them to have a leading status in the management industry. KPI, on the other hand, has existed for a long period providing their services to mid-size companies and underperforming sectors to compete with other golf clubs favorably (Breitbarth et al., 2017). Both American Golf Corp and KPI management companies offer management services to their clients to improve on the clubs operations, advise them on the critical opportunities for growth, and improve their competitive advantage in the market share (Grushka et al., 2018). Additionally, the companies aim at implementing risk management policies and improving the financial ability of the clubs.


Advantages Of Third Party Outsourcing

Third party outsourcing management helps the golf club’s to reduce expenses while increasing the revenues through increasing membership sales, increasing the members spending and improving retention of club members. Moreover, the company can recruit new qualified employees which the club could not have hired to increase the effectiveness of their operations and increase member satisfaction (Dipert et al., 2016). Outsourcing also relieves the club from the burden of investing in technology, employees and infrastructure which makes up the bulk of the back-end process in capital expenditure. Additionally, outsourcing by increasing the productivity of the club, the club will be better equipped to solve market challenges and challenges that arise during budgeting.

Disadvantages of Third Party Outsourcing

Outsourcing golf club management has several problems such as the new management may fire competent employees without understanding the source of underperformance of the golf club. Additionally, there may be hidden cost and other legal problems associated with outsourcing terms and procedures in case the outsourcing procedures are not well defined. Moreover, outsourced management may not understand the culture of the club thereby lead to poor communication among the members, and this would result in low productivity (Garsia et al., 2017). The golf club may become too dependent on the outsourced management thereby face risks such as bankruptcy and substantial financial loss which cannot be controlled.

Myths and Reality on Third Party Outsourcing Management

Several myths and realities have been brought forth regarding outsourcing golf management, myths such as the fear of losing employment from employees are widespread against the reality that outsourcing helps to streamline the workforce to increase productivity in golf club. Additionally, the myth that outsourcing will lead to higher chances of losing the company privacy and confidential information is just a hoax as creating and maintaining the right relationship with outsourced management providers helps to reduce this myth (Longley et al., 2015). Moreover, the myth that outsourced provider takes total control of the golf club is corrected as outsourcing shifts the process of delivering service giving the business owners more control.

Recommendations on Outsourcing Management

Outsourcing of golf management is recommended where the golf club is underperforming and risks closing down due to low competitive advantage. However, before outsourcing the management must evaluate the need or outsourcing and choose the best golf management organization which will help to achieve the set goals of the company according to the club’s culture.



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