Sample Summary Essay on Google


Google is one of the major internet search engine services provider and has adopted plans to strategize all its operations. Google plans to apply Taylorism concept in management of its operations according to the company’s chief executive officer. Taylorism is a concept development Fredrick Taylor, an industrialist meaning the practice of developing and analyzing scientifically an efficient stable workflow of operations in an organization.

Google intends to develop a clear algorithm to be in a position to evaluate online activities of its clients and synthesize an ideal program to enhance its services via application of Taylorism. An analysis of client characteristics search details including frequencies and search patterns are also being studied daily. The study as well as collection of such details also offers essential understanding of the kind of information that is being sought after by internet users.

Google team in response is in a position to develop software algorithms with more enhanced capabilities to provide the users of the search engine with clear and accurate information they are looking and within an instant.

The company is also in a position to provide an ideal online platform that has stored global information and organize into different easily accessible formats to all across the globe by utilizing Taylorism. The strategy will also make it applicable in the education of masses as well in decision making process.

Google also intends to offer a search engine characterized with artificial intelligence enabling it to understand what users’ needs and offer instant feedback in return. The company considers the information as a quality commodity that can be handled with the right industrial practices as well as ethics for the purpose of reaching an efficient result or product. The ability to access adequate and clear information will also allow for enhanced production.

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