Sample Summary of the Article on OCB

Sample Summary of the Article on OCB

OCB is defined as behavior that is discretionary and not explicitly defined by reward systems with the objective of promoting effective functionality of the organization. Despite approaches used in the defining OCBs, it is a contingent and discretionary social exchange. According to Ozer, Chang, and Schaubroeck (2014), an increase in performing OCBs triggers development of job stress among workers; as a result, outcomes of the OCBs are critical in enhancing operations of organizations in the modern organizational environment.

Relation to Reading

The article presents a management concept that organizations have to consider in evaluating performance, operations, and approaches that can be of benefit in enhancing performance. Through the evaluation of the concept, it becomes easier to understand the way a manager can relate to the workers within a work setting and improve on performance.


The article provides an alternative to management approaches managers can consider in ensuring that they can contain stress among workers. At the same time, it allows managers get to understand the concept of management from a standpoint of operational concepts within the work area.

Usefulness to a Research Paper

The article presents an evaluation of the different variables considered in determining the variables of OCBs and the possible considerations of stress among employees within work settings. The research is done using both qualitative and quantitative data, which is based on enhancing outcome and credibility of the information. The development of the conclusion and findings helps increase the ability of other researchers to consider the study as primary resource for further research.

Ease of Understanding

The article does not dwell on ambiguous wording and poor explanation, which increases understanding and reading by other users. It is easy to follow through the process of research, analysis, and conclusion.



Ozer, M., Chang, C. H., & Schaubroeck, J. M. (2014). Contextual moderators of the relationship between organizational citizenship behaviors and challenge and hindrance stress. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 87(3), 557-578.