Sample Technical Report Paper on Haiku Deck or Prezi

Sample Technical Report Paper on  Haiku Deck or Prezi

Prezi is a tool that is used for presentation. It is used as a traditional slide to make programs like PowerPoint. However, instead of having slides, a large canvas is used which has features of zooming to different areas within the canvas giving a person a chance to view the ideas presented. At the same time, Prezi utilizes videos, images and supports texts. It also enables a person using it to make various templates out of it making it easy for anyone to learn its interface. There is an arrow which is used to navigate through the Prezi from back to forth. In short, Prezi software enables a person to make their presentation in a visual storytelling format making it easy to understand.

Prezi has been found to be useful in the classroom. There are licenses that the company provides for any teacher or student who wants to use the software. It, therefore, makes it easy for the teachers and the students to form private presentations which other people cannot access. However, the most important aspect of it in the classroom is the fact that the software can be used as learning tool. For instance, its visual storytelling abilities can enable a student to create timelines showing the ways in which it relates to history. At the same time, students can create diagrams from the templates making the presentation process easy.


Student one described Prezi as software that gives people using it a chance to make conversational presentation. I agree with his description which is accurate because the software has arrows which enables one to navigate through from back to forth in a conversational manner.  In regards to usage, the student mentioned that Prezi can be utilized in conferences, education and in business which is true because of the various features it possesses. For instance, a business person can use Prezi for sales and marketing purposes because of its non-linear capabilities that allows integration and analysis to be conducted. The student also agreed that Prezi can be useful in the classroom due to its interactive nature that makes students and teachers to prefer it over PowerPoint presentation.