Sample Technology Essays on The use of Technology


Do you think that future technology is going to increase the chance of using modern devices and decrease the employment opportunities? Why?

Back in the 70s and 80s, before the advent of technology, most companies heavily relied on human labour to man their industrial processes. Most economists describes these periods as those of ‘economic pessimism’ as introducing any form of production that was not based on human labour was unimaginable. But the trend has since changed with most of these companies replacing human labour with machines that they consider to be more efficient and cost effective. The result is a dramatic decrease in employment opportunities for the growing population.

For example, the number of people working in the agricultural sector in the U.S. decreased from 42 % of the populace in 1900s to 2 % in 2000s with the trend expected to escalate. The primary reason postulated by these companies for replacing human labour with machines is the inherent need to increase their productivity and reduce their costs of production. For example, the introduction of artificial intelligence in which companies are preferring robots and computer applications will increasingly reduce the need for human labour. One or two of these machines, according to these companies, are more efficient and faster coupled with relatively higher quality products compared to employing a thousand employees for the same task.

How will technology effect society in the future will people expect the idea or hate the idea and how will people live without working if everything thing will be operating using machines or robots and no need for people to work how do think this society will make money?

With the advent of modern technology, the probability of these machines taking over our lives is higher but with attached advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages includes; being freer and having all the time to spend with close relations and friends. Communication between people could also be enhanced faster through the introduction of more sophisticated social media applications such as Skype. Also, companies will promptly produce higher quality products at fewer costs. However, the social system will be disrupted as the need for physical meetings shall have been replaced by these communication gadgets and other related applications.

Additionally, since extra people will be unemployed, the spending pattern will also change as more people will increase their savings and decrease the spending. However, to some economists, these technological applications in companies will also generate the demand for new commodities given the increasing population. This will mean that the displaced workers will be replaced as suppliers of these created products further explaining how the society will make money and ensure their long-term survival.

Will advance in technology will increase the level of education?

The advancement in technology will result into an increase in the levels of education. This is because most students will be studying extra hard to attain higher grades and aptitude. The primary motivation and objective could be to attain the same level of efficiency as these machines that are manning production in these companies. Correspondingly, most of the employers will carry out their recruitments of new employees based on quality and perfect academic performance reflected by the higher degree certificates. This will be to ensure that they maintain the same level of efficiency and competency shown by the machines. These, among other related issue will encourage smart and hard work among students who will want to increase their chances of getting employed.

How we can manage the usage of new technology devices in regard to saving human hand made jobs?

Even though the significance of these machines and other technological applications is immense, knowing how to manage and control these new technologies, and at the same time saving human hand made jobs is very significant. For instance, we could develop such machines that harmonizes human applications enabling their control, hence efficiency. The personnel would be highly trained to use these machines in the process retaining a considerable number of workforces.

Notably, most of the handmade products such as luxury cars are relatively expensive explaining why these technologies are to some extent beneficial. However, handmade jobs are more specific compared to those based on technological applications given that any mistake in the process could easily be resolved compared to when using technology. Per se, less risks are involved when using human labor compared to when using machines in the production processes.

Relation to my chosen discipline and application in the workplace          

My discipline in information technology is based on my interest in the introduction of new software applications that have made the significance of human physical labor to diminish considerably. In addition, my inherent desire to remain relevant in the labor market and increase my chances of being employed to manage and control these machines prompted my choice of discipline.