Sample Technology Paper on Ada Lovelace’s Impact on Computing History

Ada Lovelace was a Victorian computing visionary and born way before the time when others were not even able to comprehend magnitude of her mathematical vision. (Charman-Anderson, 2013) Ada’s fascination with machines led to her working as an equal with Charles Babbage and inventor and mechanical engineer and ultimately her work on analytical engine. (Charman-Anderson, 2013)  Ada is the pioneer of first machine algorithm ever in the recorded history. In 1840’s, it was no small feat as the first ever computer was build a century later. (CELLANIA, 2015) Her paper published in 1843 explained extensively how to make the Analytical engine do what computers are doing today. (CELLANIA, 2015)  Her work laid the foreground for general purpose machine and propagating all technological advances that facilitate our lives today.


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