Sample Technology Paper on Digital literacy

Brief description

My hobbies include listening to soft rock music and reading self-help books. I love outdoor adventures, such as hiking, camping and nature walks. I love nature because I believe that human beings have a responsibility to take care of the environment. Furthermore, I have interests in music recording, photography and video production. It is important for people to exercise healthy living; I believe that nutrition and exercise are important for the general well-being of every individual. I always encourage my friends to join the gym and develop new living habits.

Digital literacy

Digital literacy is the ability of an individual to communicate, collaborate, advocate and express information with other people in society through digital means. For example, digitally literate individuals are capable of receiving and sending information through digital devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones and personal computers. It is important for every person to acquire digital literacy skills because of the advancement of technology. The world is switching to digital platforms to send and receive information from paper use. More people are using emails rather than sending letters to pass information. Also, the use of smartphones to send information through social media platforms, for example, Facebook and Twitter, has increased. Therefore, I believe that digital literacy is important for all individuals. According to Hietin (2016), digital literacy also entails the creation of different forms of media, such as podcasts and videos. I believe that digital literacy is the ability to use all digital communication devices, software, and online platforms. For example, sharing of videos through YouTube is an example of a digital literacy activity. Therefore, digital literacy should involve the consumption, creation, and share of digital contents.


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