Sample Technology Paper on Dying Technology

Sample Technology Paper on Dying Technology

Many people still use and will continue using dying technologies. Today, iPod technology by Apple Company is considerably dying. However, dying technologies does not mean that innovations are dying too, as many companies have considerably improved their initial technology processes to come up with sophisticated technology that matches market demands. The paper highlights on the cultural and social factors that promoted utilization of the technology and how it motivated development of new technologies in United States.

Cultural and Social Factors for Utilization

The technology was utilized extensively before the discovery of smartphones.  Indeed, the device could carry a broad array of mp3 music. Several cultural and social factors promoted the use of the technology, for instance, the cultural perception of Apple Company positive, which encouraged people to use products that were directly linked to the entity. Consequently, the consumer electronics industry was significantly transformed by such devices that had no competition. It has been established that the first iPod had an influential design that tempted society members to acquire them (Siegler n.p). Further, it was clear that the music industry was greatly changing and the platform offered a paradigm shift to necessitate this transition.


How it Affected Technology Development

The technology affected the development of the smartphone technology in the United States. Apple Company is among the first companies to design smartphones. Indeed, Apple developed the devices because they not only had good cameras but also possessed the capability to act as personal stereos, hence they offered its market more than just music. While it was a great invention, it negated the necessity of owning an iPod. Hence it became a dying technology.


Dying technology is crucial in supporting the discovery and implementation of new technologies and processes. That is, new technologies are often an improvement of old traditional equipment. As pointed out, iPod was used in the past; today it is dying but has initiated the development of iPhone technology in United States. Technologists should analyze old technologies and come up with new systems that address market demands.

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