Sample Technology Paper on Informatics, Information technology, and Nursing informatics

Informatics is a discipline that constitutes the typification, impartation of information and its processing in original systems which are designed (Baker et al., 2016). It has cognitive, computational and aspects of the society. The main aspect of informatics is the changing of information be it through communication or computation or whether by artifacts or organisms. Informatics thus combines information science and how the information system is engineered.

Information technology is the incorporation of computer usage and other devices that are physical, to form, store, protect as well as transferring all data forms that are electronic (Westrup, 2017). It is mainly used in operations of enterprises in contrast to technologies that are used for entertainment purposes or for personal fulfillment. Its use in commerce constitutes both telephony and technology in computers.

Nursing informatics is a specialization that coordinates the science of nursing with numerous information management with the sciences of analytics in order to determine, state, control and impart the information and knowledge in the field of nursing (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015). It supports patients, consumers, nurses and the healthcare team who are professionals in the field in making decisions in all responsibilities to attain their set goals. Stakeholders are also supported by the nursing informatics in order to fulfill their objectives.

Comparison of informatics, information technology, and nursing informatics

Informatics is mainly concerned with the processing of any data type. On the other hand, information technology is used in enterprises and does not include technologies of entertainment. The nursing informatics is mainly concerned with the processing of data in the nursing field in order to attain some set goals. These three definitions are similar in they are all used to process data.

How informatics enhances patient care and nursing professional practice and any improvements in informatics strategies.

In the recent world, the ability to apply communication and information technology is increasing in a rate that helps to improve the nursing quality. Nurses are able to communicate with their patients and also interact with the technology of information more often. The utilization of technology will create a good attitude in the productivity of nurses.

It is, however, significant to include nurses in the designing of the systems in order to enhance the healthcare quality and thus change the culture of the nurses in this particular regard. In this, nurses should be trained or have knowledge of information technology (Baker et al., 2016). They should also have the skills in the computer as well as in informatics. This will aid them to make the best decisions on the utilization of technologies. The nurses should also be ready to use the information technology that is quality-based in the caring of their patients. They should adopt this information technology to their daily lives.




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