Sample Technology Paper on Social Media and Communication


Communication is an essential aspect within the community since it helps in exchange of information and placing meaning on specific experiences presented. However, with the technological advancement in the current generation, social media plays a significant role in facilitating communication. Social media is understood as an online communication platform where people can share their opinions, interact and share information. Some of the commonly known social media platforms include; Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram. With the many advantages of using social media, there are several negative impacts of social media use as explained in the essay.

Firstly, prolonged use of social media has a negative impact on communication through improvisation. With the widespread use of social media, there is the use of shortened communication from the users, thus affecting effective communication. There are several word short forms used including;’ k’ meaning ‘okay, ‘ ‘gr8’ to mean ‘great’ and ‘ur’ to mean ‘your (Bhamare, 2020). ‘The use of the shortened communication leads to the development of a slang language only understood by a given group of people within the community. Therefore, the form of communication, only people conversant with the meaning can understand the meaning of the message presented.

Secondly, social media replaces face-to-face communication, commonly applied in the community (Bhamare, 2020). Traditionally, communication has been conducted through face-to-face interaction between people. However, social media allows the sharing of information online as well as offline with no face-to-face interaction. Therefore, social media affects interpersonal communication through lack of word-of-mouth communication.


From the illustration, social media greatly depends on the development of proper communication skills. With the constant technological development, communication skills are adversely affected with the prolonged use of social media. For instance, it affects face-to-face communication while promotes language improvisation. Therefore, it is important to note the adverse impacts of social media to communication skills, thus ensuring effective communication.




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