Sample Technology Paper on Social Media in the Workplace

In recent times, there is rampant use of social media both at work and at home to post the startling amount of information online. Increased use of social media has eroded many distinctions that define workplace ethics, rights, and responsibilities thus leaving the employer with no option other than curtailing the use of social networks during working hours. According to Cao (529), the landscape of communication has changed tremendously, and the line between professional and personal communication is blurred. For this reason, employers have raised concerned that employees use company time and equipment for socializing with friends.  Legally, employers have expressed authority to fire employees as per the organization’s human resource policies. Therefore, the correct usage of social media can benefit organizations. However, if not used correctly, companies can plunge into legal and financial problems.

Social media is an essential tool for communication. However, employees should choose what to post or not on social networks. According to Fusi (400), employers should respect the privacy of the employees while the employees have a duty of not violating the contractual agreements of the employer. Be that as it may, if an employee posts highly discriminative content that is likely to portray the company negatively, then such employees should be fired. Therefore, the sacking of employees from social media usage should depend on severity of the post.

Alluding to Leonardi (49), employees often use company’s time and resources to socialize with friends. While correct use of social media might result in increased productivity due to ease of sharing information across the platforms, organizations are losing resources to addicted employees. Similarly, employees often use a lot of time as well as company computers and networks in surfing social networks and often lowers the productivity of the employees.

The landscape of communication has changed, and the organization should embrace technology to remain competitive in the business environment. However, organizations should devise social media usage policies that aim at creating a safe and non-hostile working environment. Organizations should discourage the use of social media for negative publicity by employing disciplinary measures to employees posting discriminative content. Therefore, the appropriate use of social media can benefit organizations; otherwise, companies can plunge into legal and financial problems.


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