Sample Technology Paper on The Internet/Child Pornography

The development of internet gave human access to instant and endless information on academic, political, and social issues. It contains answers to almost all questions encountered on daily basis.  It is equally a form of entertainment through provision of games, music, and films as well as a social platform for communication and relationships. Academic studies can be pursued online, work from home virtually, online banking, and virtual conferencing are all credit to the internet’s creation. Although the internet is advantageous, it has drawbacks too. In the U.S, there has been a rise in Child pornography, which is one of the internet’s shortcoming that sexually exploits children.

The expansion of the internet has heightened child pornography market in the U.S. Inappropriate pictures or videos of children circulates virally on social media, file sharing sites, and phone apps,  making it difficult to regulate or terminate the content from the internet. In these videos and images, there is a reflection of children molestation and other forms of sexual abuse, causing psychological torture and trauma to the child. With the knowledge of their compromising images or videos on the internet, the psychological effects on the victims tend to last for a lifetime (The United States Department of Justice, 2017). Ultimately, the victim’s self-esteem is damaged, just as their sexual development and future relationships with other people.

The criminal act of child pornography is unending in the U.S since the offenders constantly connect via internet in forums and networks sharing their desires, interests, and experiences as well as selling the child pornography contents. With these communication forums and networks, new members are recruited to sexual abuse of children. Despite the establishment of laws prohibiting child pornography, the issue is never-ending since the offenders use protocols and encryptions, to prevent track of their dealings, by the law enforcement (The United States Department of Justice, 2017). They ensure security by training new individuals on how to encrypt their content prior to internet upload.

Child pornography is an alarming issue in the U.S, mainly engineered by the internet. Child sexual abuse images circulate on the internet leading to their lifetime psychological impairment. The offenders connect through forums and networks on the internet, recruiting more individuals to their criminal acts. The problem remain unresolved since the offenders use protocols and encryptions to evade law enforcement.




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