Sample English Essay Paper on Celeb-Relief

MKT 345 FT 22SP – Marketing Management

The first option may not be the best option because appointing George Clooney, even
though effective, is cost intensive and since the animal shelter is on a low budget that will not be
advisable for him to do. Roping in a star of Clooney's or Penn's or Bono's status can end up being
a costly affair for the shelter board. Celebrity endorsements are usually quite costly. Roping in a
celebrity of such stature is beyond the spending plan of the shelter organization.
Although the second option sounds logical, selecting the shelter’s manager-in-chief as the
spokesperson might be effective because he is not a celebrity. Although the accessibility and
low-financial implication place him as a suitable option, the celebrity status and index are
significantly low and may not attain the intended outcomes of the advertisement campaign.
Going by the third option can be promising since the town’s mayor is very important. Not
many people might respect the mayor or like the way he/she is running the town. This option
might end up backfiring and not being effective if Jack is not careful or it might come out
effectively. It is a risk that Jack needs to assess before proposing it.
Similarly, the forth option has the likelihood of not attained the desired outcomes since
the effectiveness of the state’s representative as the spokesperson relies on the background and
celebrity status. Although the state’s representative bears a higher potential to be around the
organization for long-term, the popularity index might impede on the potential outcomes.
Undoubtedly the fifth option is the most plausible one since Alex Green is from that town
and is popular for his donation initiatives. Also, Green is the most suitable candidate because he
may consider donating and even helping with the campaign for free or a lower cost. This will
help the no-kill animal shelter and with the donation, it will give Jack the ability to have a bigger
ad campaign. Despite not knowing whether Green is an eloquent spokesperson in front of

cameras and crowds, selecting a well know person can be vital to draw people’s attention and
enhance Jack’s business performance. Also,combining options 3, 4 and 5 might actually be the
best option.