Sample Theology Essay Paper on Effects of Religion on Health

Religion is a tradition of orderly practices and beliefs to a supernatural being. Moreover,
religious practices greatly influence the health of individuals (Sharma et al. 125). Usually, these
practices promote the mental health of individuals to a significant level. Therefore, this paper
shall discuss the effects of religion on the mental health of individuals, including stress and well-
Stress is a negative emotional strain during an adverse moment. Usually, religious
individuals have less stress even during difficult moments in their life (Ward). This action is
because religious people mostly believe in eternal life after death. Therefore, they develop a
strong psychological resistance to depression and stress due to their faith. However, individuals
who do not believe in religion have a weak tolerance to adverse situations in their life. As a
result, they are characterized by high-stress levels, depression, and suicidal acts. This behavior
shows that religion significantly affects emotional health, such as stress.
Well-being is the act of being happy, healthy, and comfortable. Individuals who attend
religious services develop greater psychological health. This psychological health causes these
individuals to feel comfortable and happy in their daily operations (Sharma et al. 125). At the
same time, this feeling of comfort and happiness results in positive physical and psychological
health. In addition, religious persons committed to religious activities and practices have higher
self-esteem and a profound sense of quality and healthy life. Nevertheless, unreligious

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individuals possess lower psychological health, such as lower self-esteem, making them
unusually sad, unhealthy, and uncomfortable during their daily routine. As a result, religion
greatly affects individuals' emotional health and well-being.
Individuals who greatly believe in a supernatural being have a great sense of health. This
belief has a huge effect on mental health, such as stress levels and the well-being of individuals.
In brief, religion has a tremendous effect on health.

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