Sample Thesis Statement and Methodology Paper on Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage is an important source of wealth that enables individuals to claim origin as provided by spiritual beliefs. Most communities try to spread traditions and beliefs to new generations as a means of safeguarding cultural values that make people unique in terms of origin. Religion, being a cultural belief, is protected by the spiritually elite in the society by overseeing and evaluating all political and economic policies that affect their respective religion (Secor 8). Islam is a strong religion whose existence is traced back to the early centuries and has managed to preserve its culture to modern data. However, there are liberal Muslims tempted to adopt modern secularism despite perpetuating to practice Islam. Women in Istanbul are adopting secular behavior, which redefines their perception of Islam and affects their ability to interact in an urban environment or context as evidenced in the modern day Turkey.

Turkey is considered the gateway between Europe and the Middle East. Its strategic geographic location has compromised its traditional values due to the influence that passes through from the Western world. Dressing code is one of the many values affected by the noted influence and has resulted in divisions among most women in Turkey (Secor 15). The veil, for instance, is an indication that Islam is still present in the modern day Turkey despite the fall of the Ottoman Empire during ancient centuries. However, liberal and learned communities are deviating from the veil tradition by practicing a dress code that has no cultural significance in Islam. This has caused an uproar among political leaders who uphold the values of the veil with reference to dressing virtues supported by Islam.

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